Lifeline Screening; Providing Preventive And Innovative Health Care Solutions

Lifeline Screening is a health and wellness based company that has taken healthcare to a whole new level. With its unique approach to preventive health screening, Lifeline Screening has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception in the early 19th century.

Lifeline Screening offers community-based preventative health screenings through places of worship, community centers, and senior centers as well. The screening identifies any indications of diseases that usually don’t have symptoms. The aim of this is to take the necessary steps to ensure that the potential risks are eliminated before the illness advances further.

Lifeline screening identifies health risks such as carotid artery disease, strokes among others. The screening is handled by highly skilled professionals who implement the use of state of the art equipment that is also used in the main hospitals in the country. The results are then shared with the patient’s doctor who then advises on the type of treatment and lifestyle changes that will need to be effected. The procedure is painless, efficient and not intrusive. Lifeline Screening offers three kinds of preventive health screening including;

  • Limited Electrocardiograph

This EKG screening is done to detect irregular heartbeats that might result in complex heart problems. The process is quick, does not require prior preparation and is not invasive.

  • Ultrasound Screening

Ultrasounds use high-frequency sound waves to emulate image structural makeup in the body. The procedure takes a small amount of time and is usually painless and not intrusive

  • Finger-stick Screening

Lifeline uses equipment that is approved by the FDA to do efficient fingerstick blood screenings. The procedure takes no more than ten minutes and is commonly used for glucose screening, elevated liver enzymes among others. The results are also always 100% accurate.

They also provide a corporate wellness program that is essentially a cost effective platform to engage your employees in matters health and wellness. Lifeline Screening runs a blog that educates and empowers their audience on how to take preventive measure to certain illnesses and guides them on how to control and maintain overall health being.



Some Locations Where You Can Find George Street Photo

George Street Photo and Video shoots weddings in numerous locations across the United States. They are a team of people who are all doing exactly what they love. They all work together perfectly to be sure to capture every little quirk and accent of each wedding that they serve. George Street Photo and Video are not in over 40 different cities.

George Street Photo and Video Address are:

Chicago, IL – 4313 N Lincoln Ave Chicago, IL 60604

New York, NY – 1120 6th Ave New York, NY 10036

St. Louis, MO – bi state St. Louis, MO 63101

Dallas, TX – 3000 Carlisle St. Suite 204 Dallas, TX 75202

Richmond, VA – 300 E Franklin St. Richmond, VA 23219

Billionaire Philanthropist Makes Education His Main Focus

Search the DeVos family and you will find dozens of articles and posts dedicated to various members of the family. Two members of this family that have been coming up in recent headlines is Dick and Betsy DeVos. One article that was particularly interesting to read was titled; “Dick and Betsy DeVos Lift Veil On Their $139M Philanthropy.”


The article first discussed the recent nomination of Betsy and why the couple’s financial reports are being made public. The article also discussed the couple’s vast charitable contributions that have been made over the years. These contributions have been made to various organizations and causes. However, the two major contributions have been made to the Republican party and to various education reform programs.


Dick DeVos’ professional career was also briefly discussed. Dick began his professional career as a young boy helping out with his family’s business. His father, Rich DeVos, was the cofounder of the global conglomerate Amway. Dick rose through the ranks of the business and even help position of President for a few years.


Education reform has been Dick’s main focus throughout his entire adult life. This desire to see a reform to the education system most likely stems from his own experiences in the public school system. After graduating high school, at Forest Hills Public School, Dick went on to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in business administration. He earned this degree at Northwood University. He later attended additional post secondary education classes but didn’t receive an additional degree.


Throughout the years, Dick has done various works in the education system. Majority of these are done as financial charitable contributions. He has also sat on various education boards, implemented scholarships, and helped open a high school. In fact, the recent findings have found that the DeVos’ give 26% of their annual contributions to the school systems in Michigan.


Some people are uncertain of the DeVos’ ideas on how to reform the educational system in the United States. I for one am all for parents having the choice of what school to send their children too. I also feel all schools should get financial support based on their students in attendance, not test scores. If I want to send my kid to a school in a different neighborhood, I feel that school should get the funds allocated to my child’s education. I for one am excited to see what changes take place in the next few years.