Customers Glad Of Securus Technologies’ Help

These technology-based services assist in the prevention of crime through a series of investigations, corrections, and monitoring. The group’s CEO and Chairman, Richard Smith, asserts the firm’s commitment to coming up with new services that help solve and prevent crime. In particular, the group has set a focus on improving correctional facilities by developing new products at an average interval of a week.


For its noble efforts, the group has received numerous feedback in the form of official letters and emails mostly from prison officials. Securus Technologies boss released a sample of the communications and expressed joy for the recognition of his group’s efforts to maintain security. Sample feedback has been given below, and there was a consideration to the diversity in the regions that the correction officials come from. For reasons of safety, however, names of states, counties and correctional centers have been held back to protect the innocent.


Sample comments


One official is especially grateful for assistance from Securus Technology for their assistance in helping secure a search warrant against a corrupt staff by using information from the alleged corrupt official’s phone call log. He was eventually arrested, and the director goes ahead to express his desire for further help from Securus in the future.


This unearthed the inmates’ illegal activities including alcohol use and drug abuse, money transfer and access to cellular devices. Another conversation not only expresses gratitude for the much help Securus has provided his facility but also loyalty as they have been relying on Securus for over a decade. Some of the conversations are also congratulations for Securus’ for their spectacular vision


There are many more of these conversations that demonstrate Securus Technologies group’s help in combating the menace of contrabands and other illegal activities in correctional facilities.


The Brexit Vote Is Not Changing Britain’s Reliance On Imports as Flavio Maluf Informs

Economists are busy tracking what’s going on with the United Kingdom’s economy. The pre-Brexit economic prediction at was not good if Britain voted to leave the EU. But those predictions never materialized, or they only partially materialized. The only economic category that is causing concern is inflation. The inflation rate was 2.3 percent at the end of 2016, and it continues to show signs of upward movement. But the retail sector is good, and the stock market is still in good shape. The export business is holding its own, thanks to a weak pound sterling. But Britain must form new bilateral trade agreements going forward, according to Brazilian businessman, Flavio Maluf.

Flavio Maluf is a well-known entrepreneur in Brazil. His company, Eucatex, is one of Brazil’s building material manufacturers. The Maluf family has been in the building material manufacturing business for more than 60 years. Flavio grandfather is the man who created the eucalyptus wood ceiling tile. Wood ceiling tiles became a hit in Brazil in the 1950s, and by the end of that decade, Eucatex was shipping ceiling tiles to other countries in South America and to countries in Europe. Flavio knew he would run the company someday, but he went to the United States, and he attended NYU before he accepted a position with the company. In 1997, Flavio became president. Eucatex is now an international company and a strong proponent of environmental issues on

Brazil needs U.K. technology and services, according to Flavio Maluf. Brazil is in a crippling recession, but the country is also experiencing a surge in the middle class. Brazil needs more imports, and Maluf thinks a bilateral agreement with the Brits will help the Brazilian economy. Michel Temer, Brazil’s new president, wants to sign a trade agreement with the U.K., and Flavio Maluf is expected to announce his progress after Article 50 is executed on March 29, 2017. Article 50 is the agreement that officially breaks ties between the European Union and the United Kingdom. But it will take another two years or more before the exit from the EU is complete, so it is unclear when a new trade agreement between Brazil and the U.K. will begin.