Jim Tananbaum, Foresite’s CEO Supports Mindstrong’s Tech Innovation

The tech industry has been advancing at a remarkable rate influencing notable changes in every sector of development. On this trend, the healthcare industry has not been left behind. A few weeks ago, Mindstrong announced that it had raised $14 million to support its neuropsychiatric treatment diagnosis platform, (http://www.massdevice.com/neuropsych-treatment-diagnosis-platform-dev-mindstrong-health-raises-14m-series/). The initiative was monitored by Foresite Capital in collaboration with ARCH Ventures. However, later, Optum Ventures, One Mind Brain Impact Fund, and Berggruen Holdings joined the platform.

Thanks to technology advancements as with the anticipated innovation, a user can easily measure the brain functioning by monitoring patterns of interaction using his/her smartphone. What took many by surprise is the fact that the innovation relies on a user’s smartphone usage to measure his/her brain functionality. By digging shallowly over the internet, you will understand that mental health disorders are rising as a global problem. However, with the awaited tech, an improvement will be felt significantly in the mental health care.

According to Foresite’s CEO, Jim Tananbaum, Mindstrong project brings together the minds of great members in the society with a rich understanding of the challenges affecting the medical care, particularly in the mental health sector. With notable figures such as Paul, Rick and Paul on board, the anticipated project is expected to improve the health care industry.

According to Mindstrong’s CEO, the mental health disorders lacked a reliable way to measure and track the condition. Therefore, the innovation was entirely focused on seeking a way to measure the conditions as in other chronic diseases such as diabetes. Over and over again, Mindstrong has been acknowledged for its consistency in delivering the impossible.

About Jim Tananbaum

Jim Tananbaum is a respected figure in the healthcare sector. The successful individual is the founder of renowned Foresite Capital where he serves as the CEO. The successful entrepreneur launched Foresite in 2011. Jim’s venture has earned a reputation as a lead private equity firm focused on helping healthcare leaders grow to profitability.

Jim’s history with start-ups has an in-depth history. Before founding Foresite, Jim was associated with other startups. Jim founded GelTex Pharmaceuticals which introduced two drugs into the market worth about $80 million before selling it in 1998 for $1.6 billion. Also, Jim co-founded Theravance where he served as the CEO. Jim earned his M.D from Yale and his M.B.A. from Harvard. Besides, the successful entrepreneur holds an M.S. from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Check out his Crunchbase page for more information.

Mike Baur of Swiss Startup Factory

Born in Fribourg, Switzerland, Mike Baur built an impressive career in the world of banking and finance. For more than two decades, Baur worked for big players in the industry, including UBS and Clariden Leu. However, the banking world was just not enough of a challenge. Mike Baur quit at the top of his game in 2014 to begin funding startups. With his expertise, personality and work ethic, he has found success in that arena, too.


In 2015, Mike Baur co-founded startup accelerator Swiss Startup Factory with Oliver Walzer and Max Meister. Today, Baur is executive chairman of the Factory. In this role, he has spearheaded fundraising campaigns for the company. As an accelerator, Swiss Startup Factory provides entrepreneurs with the skills to take their businesses to the next level and achieve success. They offer mentoring, coaching, and networking opportunities. Day to day necessities such as office space are also available through Swiss Startup Factory. The accelerator program is three months long.


Mike Baur’s style of leadership is well-rounded. He brings excellent practical and soft skills to the table.  He has the connections and personality to attract the right kind of attention from the industry, and coverage from the media, for his business.


In just two short years, Baur has taken Swiss Startup Factory to the big leagues. So far, Swiss Startup Factory has had several successful rounds of funding. Baur has guided the company into an exciting new phase of development. As it stands now, the sky is the limit. Over 50 mentors have partnered with the company and its program. In 2016 alone, the program received applications from over 1,000 promising digital entrepreneurs. Goldbach Group, Red Bull Media and Helvetia have partnered with the company.


Mike Baur maintains an active presence on social media, where he motivates scores of people with his wisdom. He is highly in demand as a speaker. Outside of work, his interests include tennis and travel.


Mikhail Blagosklonny: Waking Up to a New World of Science


Mikhail Blagosklonny is a well-known name in the field of Oncology. He is a Professor of Oncology at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. Mikhail earned his MD in Internal Medicine at the First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg. He also got a Ph.D. in experimental medicine and Cardiology from the same University.

Career Journey

Mikhail Blagosklonny has had a very successful career. At the New York Medical College, Mikhail was made an associate professor of medicine in 2002. Later on, he went to Ordway Research Institute where he became a senior scientist. He joined Roswell Park Cancer Institute in 2009. He is passionate about Cancer and aging drugs. Cancer has been rampant in today’s society, and also people fear aging probably as much as they fear cancer. Thankfully, Mikhail Blagosklonny believes there is a way to control both aging and cancer. He has written about aging hyperfunction theory and also cell cyclotherapy. To add to his long list of achievement, Mikhail also works as an editor-in-chief of Cell Cycle and Oncotarget. His research work ranges around cellular and molecular biology and clinical investigations.

If you want to read one of his works, you can choose from the over 300 research articles, book chapters and reviews he has published. He is also an associate editor of the International Journal of Cancer, and the American Journal of Pathology. Read more on templeofthecave.com

Rejuvenating Immunity with Anti-aging Drug

For a while, people have believed aging to be driven by rapamycin, which causes molecular damage and unfortunately cannot be prevented. But this theory was abandoned because of the hyperfunction theory. Hyperfunction theory described aging as a continued growth which is driven by signaling pathway such as TOR (Target of Rapamycin). The TOR model predicts that rapamycin can be used in people to prevent diseases and treat aging. Though ridiculed by opposition, this theory still stands till date. Rapamycin was approved in 2006 and can be used. Rapamycin-induced state also can hinder complications of true diabetes type 11. Excessive activities in adults who are between 17 and 20 years, leads to aging. The most asked question related to this theory is how people will die if aging is no more. A lot of people and also animals die from age-related diseases.

According to the TOR study, people will die from new causes of death since death is a process that cannot be stopped. This is a study that the world hopes will be successful and that we can stop the aging process. It is only a matter of waiting for the world of science continues to work on this. View his LinkedIn profile

Final Words

People like Mikhail are making a difference in the world of science today. He has worked hard and has been committed to being where he is today. His biggest achievement is being placed as among one of the biggest Oncologist researchers in the world. He one day hopes to see a disease-free world. This desire gives him the zeal to be what he is today.

Illustrious Roberto Santiago-Founder, CEO of Giant Brazilian Malls, Manaira &Mangabeira

Roberto Santiago is a prominent businessman in Brazil. He is best known for his business acumen into developing huge shopping malls, key among them the Manaira shopping in Paraiba State, which ranks as one of the best malls in Brazil. It also ranks as the largest mall in the country. Besides Manaira shopping, Santiago also owns Mangabeira mall also located in Paraiba. Santiago is a serial industrialist whose biggest success lies in Manaira Shopping Center. At 58 years old, he has managed to set up a thriving business and created thousands of job opportunities for the locals in Paraiba that will benefit them for many generations. Visit mundodomarketing.com to read more.

Largest Mall in Paraiba -Manaira Shopping

Manaira Mall is so far the biggest mall in Paraiba, Brazil. The mall construction kicked off in 1987 and took two years to build. Upon its completion in 1989, Manaira Mall opened its doors to the public. It features a variety of shopping options such as fitness centers, theater halls, a huge gaming area, large food courts, a concert hall, colleges, and banks.

It is strategically situated in the central business district at Joao Pessoa in Paraiba. The mall is an all inclusive one-stop place for all your entertainment, shopping and commercial setting with banks and other institutions well placed within the shopping complex. Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping is preferred by urban dwellers as the ideal location to hang out and have fun, shop, and do their business deals. It is such an irresistible environment, what with its attractive lush gardens, clean food courts, bowling arenas, movie theaters, bars, and restaurants.

The majority of the people visiting the town prefer Manaira for its extensive entertainment options. As the women browse through the enticing shops, the men keep busy at gaming centers, bowling alleys, and the movie theaters. Kids also have their share of fun by indulging in an assortment of goodies ranging from flavored popcorn, candy, ice cream, pizza, fries, and an array of local Brazilian cuisines. Nobody gets left out once a family sets out to spend time at the huge shopping mall. Movie lovers also get to enjoy watching the latest trending movies in 3D. The Domus Hall hosts the entire entertainment hub for the mall goers. The vast hall has a human capacity of 8,000 people. It is frequently used for cultural festivals, live concerts, and exhibitions. Read more on pbnews.com.

About Roberto Santiago

Roberto Santiago grew up in Joao Pessoa Paraiba, Brazil. He began his entrepreneurship as an avid travel blogger. He then set his commercial insights by developing a cartonage business. The company primarily focused on designing and producing cardboard cartons used by most corporations to pack parcels and large cargo.

He later transcended in that industry and decided to venture into real estate the business. Roberto Santiago bought a sizeable piece of land in Joao Pessoa. In 1987, he began plans for developing Manaira shopping mall which was completed and inaugurated in 1989. Santiago went to Pio X-Marist for his College education.