Daniel Taub, top Isreali diplomat

Daniel Taub is the Israeli diplomat, writer and international born in 1962. Taub is of the British origin. He served as the Israel’s Ambassador to Britain between 2011 and 2015.

Currently, he is the director of planning and strategy at the Rothschild (Yad Hanadiy) Foundation in Jerusalem. He is considered as one of the top Israeli diplomats of the current generation.

During his diplomatic posting in the United Kingdom, David Taub insisted on interfaith and cross-cultural activities. As a result, he was severally invited to teach Hebrew and Bible study classes at the Church of England as well as Westminster Abbey.

Daniel Taub attended the Haberdasher’s Aske’s Boys’ School, Elstree in the United Kingdom. He is also a graduated from the University College, Oxford, Harvard University, and University College, London. Despite the fact that David Taub was born in the United Kingdom, he moved back to his native Israel in 1989.

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In Israel, Taub served in the Israel Defense Forces as the combat medic. He later worked as the reserve officer in the IDF’s international law division. Additionally, he also worked as the speechwriter for the President Chaim Herzog.

In 1991, David Taub he joined Israel’s Ministry of 1991. At the ministry, he held several diplomatic, political, and legal posts. To this end, he served as the Principal Deputy Legal Advisor.

Additionally, he was the legal advisor to Israel’s missions to the United Nations in Geneva and New York. In his capacity, he has represented Israel in several multilateral fora.

As an expert specializing in the international law, he focuses on law wars and counter-terrorism. In this case, he has been involved significantly in the Israeli-Palestinian process. Learn more about Daniel Taub:  http://www.everipedia.com/editor/dtaub/

As a result, he has been instrumental in negotiating several agreements between the Israel and Palestine. He has also headed the Culture of Peace side which has been involved in negotiating for peace pacts with other Middle-East countries.

As such, he has been instrumental in urging for cooperation between various states in solving the Middle East crisis such as the ISIS attack, Gaza Crisis, Hezbollah and the Iran nuclear program.

He also took part in the Israel-Syrian negotiations. Other engagements that he has been involved include heading the observer mission to the International Court of Justice during the hearings of Israel’s security barrier.

Despite the fact that he has worked in various diplomatic positions, he has not changed his practices and beliefs as an Orthodox. Daniel Taub is married to Zehava and together, they have six children. Their children performed during Israel’s 64th birthday.

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