Robert Santiago, The Man Who has Changed the Face of Joao Pessoa

Renowned Brazilian businessman, Robert Santiago is the owner of two of the largest shopping malls in the country. Manaira and Mangeira shopping malls are known for offering recreational activities to the public. Manaira shopping mall is a top modern shopping center and sits on 135,000 square meters land. The Joao Pessoa-based mall is the largest in the expansive Paraiba State, Brazil. It prides in a car parking space for 3,180 vehicles. Robert has ventured in other industries in the country including entertainment, investment, and real estate.


The Manaira Shopping Mall Features


Roberto Santiago bought the Manaira land in 1987. It took him just two years to develop it. In 1989, Manaira shopping mall, which is built to international standards, was launched. The mall has several features including 11 movie theaters, kid’s zone, games zone, spa and salon, and food courts. There is also a gym, a bank, a school, and a concert hall placed on the rooftop of the shopping center. Other features continue to be added to ensure it caters for all public needs.


The Domus concert hall, which is placed on the rooftop of the mall, was launched in 2009. The hall is soundproof and air-conditioned. It has a capacity of 4,000 people when seated and 10,000 when standing. The hall is designed into two floors with the top floor subdivided into cabins suitable for people who need privacy. The ground floor is large enough to hold public events. The mall is used to hold music concerts, weddings, graduation ceremonies, exhibits, and conferences.


In 2013, Roberto Santiago developed the Mangeira shopping mall. Together, the two malls have changed the face of Joao Pessoa. The two malls have played a great role in improving the social and economic status of the city. This has resulted in many entrepreneurs moving their businesses to the city hence offering the citizens endless options.


Roberto Santiago Education Background


Roberto Santiago is a Pio X-Marist college graduate and later University Center of Joao Pessoa where he received his degree in business administration. He started his career by working at a décor manufacturing company.


His passion in being an entrepreneur was overwhelming and made him leave his job at Café Santa Rosa to start a cartonnage company. Through his company, he used to make and sell cartons made from cardboard. After some time, his company was making a variety of decorative products. When his company started making profits, Roberto ventured into real estate industry. This turned out to be the best decision of his life as today he is one of the most renowned developers in Brazil.



Unlearning the Established Conditioning With Insights from Vijay Eswaran

This world is a world of limits. Many people have limited beliefs and they tend to impose these limits on the world around them. Among the areas of life where beliefs of limits are greatly imposed is the area if business and finance. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran: Dato Vijay Eswaran: From taxi driver to worth over $500 million dollars

Many people do have the belief that starting and running a large and successful business is impossible. However, there is always someone who is proving that belief wrong.

One of the ways that the businessman does this is by learning everything he needs. He also learns other useful lessons that he needs to apply to his life.

One of the businessmen that has learned tons of good lessons about the world of business is Vijay Eswaran. One thing he has learned was to overcome his conditioning. The conditioning that he had told him that the only way to achieve financial security is by having a stable 9 till 5 job.

There are a couple of problems with this conditioning. One of the problems is of course the limited mindset that this comes from. Another issue is that it assumes that 9 till 5 jobs are stable. The financial markets have proven that any job can go at anytime.

One thing that has helped Vijay Eswaran overcome his conditioning was noticing that he is making more money from his efforts outside of his regular job. When he has seen this, then he was able to start planning his exit from the job in order to devote all of his time to running his business.

One of the reasons that he was able to run his business and make it successful was that he was always coming up with some really good ideas that are philanthropic. His company, The QI Group has made a lot of impact in the world around it.

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Doe Deere Owner Of Lime Crime Is Role Model To Young Girls Everywhere

Doe Deere is one of the most successful female entrepreneurs to date. In 2008 Doe Deere founded her company Lime Crime, A makeup company that provides people all over the world with makeup that comes in bold colors for people with personality and who want to express themselves through makeup. Doe Deere grew up in Russia and moved to the united states when she was just 17 years old. When she first came here she started her career as a musician before deciding to create Lime Crime. During the time in which she was a musician she met her husband who is now one of her biggest business partners as he helps her with Lime Crime. Doe Deere try’s her hardest to make sure that every product that Lime Crime releases is up to perfect standards for all customers of their brand. Lime Crime workers test every product to ensure that they love it before deciding to put it on the market. Doe Deere’s company Lime Crime sells everything from hair dye to eye shadow palettes. There is no doubt that Doe Deere’s success has blown up over the year beginning with the start of Lime Crime and that she has made Lime Crime one of the most popular makeup brands in the world. Doe Deere formed her cosmetic company around her need for bright and bold colored makeup and hair dye which makes her so unique from the rest of the cosmetic brands out there. She wanted to not only provide a great line that she could use but also wanted to provide a line every women around the world would love to use. She was able to make Lime Crime affordable for all and even offers a discount for students who buy her products from the Lime Crime Website. Doe Deere is no doubt a great role model for young girls everywhere who are not only into makeup but are looking to make it their job like Doe Deere has. Doe will continue to create amazing products for her company Lime Crime well people everywhere continue to fall in love. Learn more here:


Boraie Development to Sponsor Summer Movies

Do you enjoy watching movies? Then this summer will be the best for you and your family. This summer, the prestigious State Theater has announced to all movie lovers that it is going to introduce the free movie season. According to the management of the institution, the movies will be sponsored by the popular Boraie Development and the popular Provident Bank Foundation. The people will have a variety of movies to enjoy this season. Some of the movies that will be showing in the summer include the Extra-Terrestrial, Despicable Me 2, Babe, and Monsters University among others. All the movies in the facility will be showing at 10.30 and 7 pm. For more details visit Bloomberg.

According to Philly Purge, the most exciting thing about the movie series is the fact that they will be free of charge, especially to the communities living in the New Brunswick area. The series is proving the perfect opportunity for young individuals who want to get the chance to be together while watching a good movie with their families. Summer camps and any other group will enjoy the series that will be showing.

The Boraie Development, on the other hand, is looking forward to the event. According to Boraie, the vice president of the real estate company, Boraie Development is very proud to be associated with the wonderful series. The company wants to give the young people and other local families the opportunity to enjoy a great movie at the remarkable venue. Visit Central Jersey Working Moms to know more.

The Boraie Development has been in the real estate and construction department for a very long time. The institution was founded by Omar Boraie several years ago, and it has been focusing in changing the lives of the people living in New Jersey. When starting to renovate and make the city better, people thought that Sam Boraie did not know what he was doing. Many thought that he was only wasting his money buying the ugly apartments. Several years later, the city looks better, and many people are coming from all walks of life to invest and stay in the area.

Jane Kurek currently serves as the Executive Director of the popular Provident Bank Foundation. While speaking about the free movies, Jane said that her company was thrilled to enable the families in the area, regardless of their financial background to enjoy some exciting time at the State Theatre. Jane says that she is sure that many people attending the event will have a time of their lives.

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