Securus Technologies Making Officers Work Easier

My job as a corrections officer in our jail is to not only control the facility, but to make certain everyone inside is safe. Now we are not just talking about the inmates, we have to make sure that guests to the prison are safe, staff, and the rest of my fellow officers too. One inmate who took too much drugs or has access to a weapon now puts the entire facility in danger. This is why we work hard to try and keep these items out of the jail, but as condition become more crowded, the inmates have the edge.


Securus Technologies is based out of the great state of Texas, and they developed a monitoring system that can detect what inmates are saying on prison phones and quickly alert officers to potential trouble. The reason I say potential trouble is because in the past, inmates using drugs or getting weapons had my team in reaction mode. Now, when the Securus Technologies system alerts us to drug or weapon use, we get ahead of the trouble and remove it before inmates can use it.


These call monitoring systems are already working in thousands of prisons, and now we have joined the ranks. What we began to notice soon after the LBS software was operational was that we were getting a peak inside the lives of the inmates we never saw. Inmates bragging about drug use or talking about gang issues on the phone gives us the chance to be able to step in and either remove the threat or to step in when trouble happens.


This not only gives us an edge, it often catches the inmates by surprise because they continue to think that they are basically running this facility. The severe drop in crimes can be attributed to one thing.