Prisons are being taken over by drones

Securus Technologies has offices that span from coast-to-coast in the United States of America. The three most prestigious offices are located in Texas and Georgia. For the past 30 years they have been the leading provider in United States of America for technological safety products. These products have been successfully used by law enforcement, public safety officers, correctional facility officers, as well as private investigators. Securus Technologies boasts how they get to be involved in protecting 1000 prisons and their 1.2 million prisoners contained inside.


Recently, this technological company has begun facing a problem they never thought would come across their desk. Criminals on the outside have been using technological drones to deliver illegal items to their friends on the inside. The drone simply flies over the walls of prisons with a box containing contraband items. The boxes drop off at a location that the inmate will then visit and take the items inside. These items can be very dangerous to correctional officers, other inmates, and even people on the outside.


These drones have been delivering cell phones, drugs, and weapons. These illegal cell phones are used to plot crimes on the outside. The drugs are then used to gain power on the inside. And of course, the weapons are used to harm other inmates.


Securus Technologies has worked for over a year and a half finding ways that they can stop these drones from breaching the prison walls. They already have a product in place called Wireless Containment Solutions. This product is meant to tap into a cell phone signature and thus listen in on calls and transfer and drop them as the operator wishes. They believe they can use the same technology to lock on to the unique signature that belongs to drones and use that to disrupt its ability to fly. As a drone comes in it is detected by Wireless Containment Solutions. A laser similar to an EMP is then shot at the drone which causes it to fall to the ground. From here, officers can collect the contraband items and hopefully discover which inmate they were going to.


Because they have been working so hard, Securus Technologies has recently received three prestigious awards. These awards are known as the Stevie Awards and are highly sought after by companies in the customer service sector. Stevie Awards receives over 2500 nominations a year but only a dozen or so are able to receive the awards. Not only did Securus Technologies receive three awards from the Stevie awards but they were able to take home the gold the silver and the bronze in the areas of customer service as well as innovation. This proves they are number one.


Madison Capital: The Best Investment Banking Firm

Madison Street Capital is one of the best investment banking companies that is known to be committed to integrity, leadership and also in excellence in service delivery. It has a long reputation.They are primarily known for giving corporate advisory on finances. They are also experts in mergers and acquisitions. They have excellent financial opinions and are also do to offer valuation for private companies that want to become public companies. Their main aim is to ensure that all their clients are successful in the global business front. When taking up a new project, they ensure that they always grow on the capital market. The emerging market is a core component of the business Madison Capital does. The markets are the global driving forces for their clients. They also focus on the significant assets in the market. The firm has clients from all over the world due to the dedication they have on their business ss. They are dedicated to providing their services with the highest professional standards.



Madison street capital has won the 16th annual awards of the M&A advisors. The form was announced as the winner of the award on 13th November 2017 at a gala in New York. In his speech the CEO of The M&A Advisor, David Fergusson said that Madison street capital represented the best in the M&A industry and was the most impressive among the 650 candidates who were being considered for the awards. The awards were received by the Senior managing director of Madison Street Capital Barry Petterson who was honored to be the recipient of the award which was I the category of debt financing. The senior managing director also congratulated the WLR automotive which was their parent in the transaction.



The Madison Street Capital was also among the finalist in the Boutique Investment Banking Firm and the awards of the Financials Deal of the Year



The M&A Gala is the first celebration of the year in the industry, and it was also held together with the summit. The 2017 M&A Advisor Summit that had above 500 participants who are part of the industry. The industry’s professions interacted by having a candid conversation that was aimed to ensure that there was an improvement in the industry. The summits are helped to ensure that all the industry’s key players are on the same page and also to comes up with ways in which they can ensure that they improve how business is done.



Madison Capital is a critical player in the industry. They have been seen to provide insight into the M&A hedge fund. Through their Senior managing Director Karl D’Cuhna. He stated that the hedge fund would continue to see consolidation especially from the opportunistic partners that are known to bridge the product offering and the distribution.


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Sameer Jejurikar’s Vast Expertise of Plastic Surgery

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar received his medical degree from the University of Michigan Medical School in plastic surgery. Jejurikar completed his residency at University of Michigan Hospitals and Health Centers. Since graduating, he has been a plastic surgeon for over 10 years. Dr. Jejurikar practices his trade at Dallas Medical Center and at Pine Creek Medical Center. His office is located in Dallas, TX.


In 2012 he was voted by his patients as Most Compassionate Doctor. The award is a sign of appreciation for his services, skills, and compassion. “This is quite an honor for me,” Dr. Jejurikar began. “I am very pleased to have been selected and grateful to my patients who [gave me positive reviews.]” Only doctors with near perfect scores across a variety of doctor and hospital review sites were considered for the award.


With his focus on cosmetic surgery, he provides patients the means to achieve their goals by utilizing the latest techniques. Sam Jejurikar is able to provide assistance to patients who want to look younger and patients who want to change their appearance completely. Jejurikar is also able to do liposuction, tummy tucks and other weight loss surgeries. His expertise also includes surgeries of the face, eyes, and nose.


When most people think of plastic surgery they think of these types of procedures, but plastic surgeons are vital for serious injuries and necessary medical procedures. Dr. Jejurikar and the other 13 plastic surgeons located at Dallas Medical Center and Pine Creek Medical Center are experts in bone reconstruction and are certified to assist patients who have been in disfiguring accidents. Plastic surgeons are able to repair their bone structure and physical appearance. Plastic Surgeons work to return a quality of life to victims of horrendous accidents as well as procedures such as rhinoplasty and breast implants.


Jake Gottlieb and Visium Asset Management

Jacob Gottlieb, currently the CIO of Visium Asset Management in the greater New York City area, attended Brown University for a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. Earlier in life, he was involved in a stock-picking exercise in school where he excelled; this set the tone for his future. Later, being a surgeon also helped him to trade and manage financial assets because both skills involve great deals of care.

He attended the NYU Medical School in New York City, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude. His fund, Visium, today manages 3.5 billion dollars in assets and was founded in 2005. It was created around the basis of his extensive knowledge in healthcare stocks having been a doctor. Jacob’s main branch of the fund, aptly named the Visium Balanced Fund, occupies the majority of the organization’s assets (which amount to the sum of 2.4 billion dollars). Gottlieb plans to grow the fund outside of the healthcare sector alone. He is in the process of laying the groundwork and foundation for expanding his hedge fund. In late 2009 he hired Jason Huemer to come on board, formerly of SAC Capital Advisors.


Recently speaking, fund of funds have been underperforming and so investors have been looking more towards investing in multi-strategy hedge funds which have more possibility for growth. In an industry where there is always a need for top talent, Visium has held its own in hiring new high quality traders, of which Huemer is one. At the multi-strategy hedge fund in Chicago “Balyasny”, Gottlieb was the top earner at his firm. Harnessing a solid work ethic from his hard working Polish parents who emigrated to the United States in the 1960’s, Jacob Gottlieb respectively grew Balyasny 11%, 48%, and 19% from 2002 to 2004. Having helped Balyasny so well, and acquiring $500 Million in new capital, Gottlieb branched out with $300 million dollars in seed money from BAM, and has now grown Visium to 27 employees who have extensive networks within the healthcare industry.


His work with Visium has afforded Jacob to become a supporter of Robin Hood, New York City’s greatest organization in combating poverty, where he is committed to helping NYC students become better prepared for college and become more upwardly mobile.


Citizens React to Trump’s Pardon to Sheriff Joe Arpaio

The minority in the society suffer and live with a lot of ill-treatment and social stigma in many nations. It is such a shame that some people and more so leaders will let their personal opinion on a certain group in the society influence the way they treat them. The settlers of Arizona understand the meaning of abuse of civil, human and immigrants’ courtesy of Sheriff Arpaio.

After he lost his race to retain his position as the Sheriff, the occupants thought that his misdoings were finally catching up with him. However, based on the evil deeds he had done in the 24 years he was in the seat, this didn’t feel like enough punishment.

The occupants were very relieved after he was set to serve a jail term after he defied a federal judge order. The sheriff went a step ahead to order his employees not to follow the order. In his defense, he says that the terms of the order were no clear. However, the judge insisted that he intentionally decided to ignore the order.

The occupants will not live to see this day of Sheriff Arpaio walking in shuffles behind bars because Donald Trump has pardoned the sheriff. It caught many by surprise when Susan R. Bolton validated this pardon from Donald Trump.

Lacey and Larkin who have faced the brutality of the Maricopa County Sheriff through his goons are highly disappointed with the government. They recall the evil deeds that the Sheriff committed when in power and they feel this is unacceptable.

They painfully recall when the Sheriff began his correctional facility to reduce the number of inmates in the cells. In this jail, the inmates lived under unbearable conditions, and those who were caught violating the rules were brutally beaten up. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin |

The women who gave birth were chained in their beds. Even worse, one diabetic woman went into a coma because of lack of medication. There were also piled up cases of inmates who hanged themselves in the facilities. The list of his misdoings is endless.

The political wisdom of the Sheriff has been very beneficial to him. He was at the forefront of supporting Donald Trump against Barack Obama not being from the USA. In fact, the Sheriff even claimed that the birth certificate of Barack Obama was fake. Supporting Donald Trump seems to have been a brilliant idea because it has paid off through the pardon.

Lacey and Larkin are still fighting against his crimes, and they are not ready to rest until justice prevails. Their ugly incident is still vivid in their brains. It all started when the sheriff banned the press from his meetings. However, the two journalists got some of his evil deeds and published them in the Phoenix New Times.

The Sheriff who considered himself America’s toughest sheriff did not take the blemish of his name kindly and he ended up arresting them illegally. Lacey and Larkin filed a case against him, and they were later compensated with $3.75 million that they used to begin the Frontera Fund.

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