Citizens React to Trump’s Pardon to Sheriff Joe Arpaio

The minority in the society suffer and live with a lot of ill-treatment and social stigma in many nations. It is such a shame that some people and more so leaders will let their personal opinion on a certain group in the society influence the way they treat them. The settlers of Arizona understand the meaning of abuse of civil, human and immigrants’ courtesy of Sheriff Arpaio.

After he lost his race to retain his position as the Sheriff, the occupants thought that his misdoings were finally catching up with him. However, based on the evil deeds he had done in the 24 years he was in the seat, this didn’t feel like enough punishment.

The occupants were very relieved after he was set to serve a jail term after he defied a federal judge order. The sheriff went a step ahead to order his employees not to follow the order. In his defense, he says that the terms of the order were no clear. However, the judge insisted that he intentionally decided to ignore the order.

The occupants will not live to see this day of Sheriff Arpaio walking in shuffles behind bars because Donald Trump has pardoned the sheriff. It caught many by surprise when Susan R. Bolton validated this pardon from Donald Trump.

Lacey and Larkin who have faced the brutality of the Maricopa County Sheriff through his goons are highly disappointed with the government. They recall the evil deeds that the Sheriff committed when in power and they feel this is unacceptable.

They painfully recall when the Sheriff began his correctional facility to reduce the number of inmates in the cells. In this jail, the inmates lived under unbearable conditions, and those who were caught violating the rules were brutally beaten up. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin |

The women who gave birth were chained in their beds. Even worse, one diabetic woman went into a coma because of lack of medication. There were also piled up cases of inmates who hanged themselves in the facilities. The list of his misdoings is endless.

The political wisdom of the Sheriff has been very beneficial to him. He was at the forefront of supporting Donald Trump against Barack Obama not being from the USA. In fact, the Sheriff even claimed that the birth certificate of Barack Obama was fake. Supporting Donald Trump seems to have been a brilliant idea because it has paid off through the pardon.

Lacey and Larkin are still fighting against his crimes, and they are not ready to rest until justice prevails. Their ugly incident is still vivid in their brains. It all started when the sheriff banned the press from his meetings. However, the two journalists got some of his evil deeds and published them in the Phoenix New Times.

The Sheriff who considered himself America’s toughest sheriff did not take the blemish of his name kindly and he ended up arresting them illegally. Lacey and Larkin filed a case against him, and they were later compensated with $3.75 million that they used to begin the Frontera Fund.

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