Betsy DeVos Begins Long Fight For Education Reform in America

There are few political figures more polarizing than President Donald Trump. With that being said, President Trump was elected to the White House on a massive wave of voter enthusiasm and a return to nationalist norms. President Trump rose to prominence by never being afraid to speak what was on his mind while simultaneously standing up for the ‘outsider’. This led President Trump to tout that he would fill his Cabinet with outsiders who are willing to put America First instead of old conventional political interests. Among President Trump’s many Cabinet members is Betsy DeVos, a quiet and unassuming Republican from the state of Michigan who has been tabbed as a revolutionary in the world of conservative education reform. Betsy DeVos was selected to take on the role of the Secretary of Education and now she’ll be tasked with taking President Trump’s hype and making it all a reality.


Betsy DeVos is simultaneously the most interesting member of President Trump’s Cabinet and the least well-known. Betsy DeVos comes to Washington D.C. from the state of Michigan where she spent the bulk of her adult life working to engineer change within the realm of education by focusing on aspects that Conservatives strongly believed in. DeVos has spent more than thirty years fighting for education reform in the world of public education and she has done so as a private citizen, never holding federal or state-level office. Betsy DeVos knows that she will have crosshairs on her agenda as she takes office and it will be due in large part to her lack of resume. With that being said, DeVos has never flinched from anything in her entire life and that means she will be ready to fight for what conservatives believe in while operating at the Department of Education.


As one of the freshest faces in Washington D.C., speaking from an experience standpoint, DeVos knows that all eyes will be on her as she moves within the inner workings of America’s largest ‘swamp’. DeVos has found herself under attack early on in her career as she was narrowly confirmed by the Senate, forcing Vice President Mike Pence to take the floor in order to cast a tie-breaking vote. After assuming office, DeVos was quick to get to work to show that she was more than just an icon of a movement, she was an engineer of the education movement herself. After taking her position in the Department of Education, DeVos would call an important meeting between the prominent leaders of the major teacher’s unions in the United States. DeVos wanted to put her hand on the pulse of America’s educational system and see face-to-face what the leaders therein desired going forward. Most of the union leaders rejected her invitation to meet but those that did accept, including Randi Weingarten, found DeVos to be so much more than a soft-spoken and endearing individual. Weingarten admits, and many others will soon follow, that DeVos is more than just a public figure — she’s a bulldog who believes in what she is fighting for.


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US Money Reserve Teaches Tax Benefits

The US Reserve was founded in 2001 and since then has become the largest provider for the United States based precious metals. Beginning with a headquarters in Austin, Texas they have gained themselves a track record for conducting successful business for over a decade.

The US Money reserve is this country’s largest distributor of coins and they are many peoples first choice when it comes to securing investments based on precious metals. Over the 16 years that they have conducted business they served over 400,000 satisfied customers ranging from individuals to businesses to corporations.

The US Money Reserve is not just intelligent when it comes to the United States mint. They also know how to help somebody save money on their upcoming taxes.

One of the 10 tips they’ve listed on their site is to request a tax deadline extension if you are currently in need of it. This helps you get all of your finances in order and provide you the security you need to get the cheapest amount possible. Read more: US Money Reserve | Bizjournals and US Money Reserve | Facebook

They then recommend opening several IRA retirement accounts in order to maximize all the benefits associated with that account.

Many people do not realize that the IRS does not mandate how many retirement accounts you are allowed to have. In fact, they allow you to contribute and get benefits for each account to how many you may own.

This leads us to the next tip. You are allowed to contribute up to $5500 for each and every single IRA that you have in your possession. Each of those is considered nontaxable income and can easily lower you into the smaller tax bracket. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

They then suggest that you open as many of these IRA account as you can before the April 17 deadline. As long as you do that, you can specify that this is contributing tier 2017 taxes even though you invested in 2018.

They also suggest that you should consider an IRA for your nonworking spouse. This provides you with the opportunity to not only protect your loved one but to also reap the tax benefits.

Once you have done all the above, they then suggest they you apply for the saver’s credit that occurs every year. Is important to do so. You can receive half of your investments back as tax credit which is basically cash in your pocket for your own spending.

Talk Fusion Pushed Forward with Innovation

Talk Fusion is a powerful company that has been able to live up to the height that is connected to this type of company. It has evolved into the company that caters to people around the world. It has gained more than American success because it appeals to people in the business world that need real-time communication through video conferencing.


Many users of the app will agree that it is one of the more powerful platforms for people that are interested in connecting to a whole new wave of consumers that want products that have been tested. This is what sets a company like Talk Fusion apart from other companies. This is a company that has a CEO like Bob Reina that actually listens to the feedback from customers. He has a good grasp on what they want because he makes efforts to constantly improve what the consumers are seeing with his company.


Talk Fusion has become a powerful company that branches outside of what is considered the norm when it comes to innovation in video communication. It is also a company that has managed to elevate as a video email powerhouse during a time where email is starting to become stagnant. More people recognize that in order to get your attention through email that you will have to do something different. This is what Bob Reina has done with his company. He managed to elevate with a strong amount of applications that have expanded what the real-time communication environment looks like.


Talk Fusion had a big chance to take off when it became connected to the school environment. Virtual Field trips are much easier and much more enjoyable with applications from Talk Fusion. It even allows people to connect with relatives that may be in other countries. It has evolved and become something of an award-winning company.


Talk Fusion really stands out as a company that is geared towards building much high level of success. The company has changed over the years to support an array of different styles of communication, and it appears to be growing at a very successful rate as more people patronize this type of environment that builds on creating a foundation in customer satisfaction and award-winning application development. Reina has taken a great amount of interest to improve products every time he gets the chance to. This is why Talk Fusion applications are successful. Learn more:

Iran Will Continue to Make Nukes

The Israeli ambassador to the Uk, Daniel Taub, believes that regardless of what the deal signed with Iran says, they are still going to make nuclear weapons.

According to Daniel Taub, one of the biggest worries about Iran’s uranium is that the deal states they can not have uranium that is greater than 5% purity, but with their high speed centrifuges they can go from 3.5% purity to weapons grade. Read more: Daniel Taub | LinkedIn and Daniel Taub | Crunchbase

These high speed centrifuges enable Iran to have weapons grade uranium very quickly if they decide to break the deal. These high speed centrifuges should have been shut down and as part of the deal, Iran is supposed to take all their already existing uranium that is 5% purity and above and dilute it down to below 5%. Iran has seemingly yet to do this.

Daniel Taub is also worried about how the newly elected president of Iran, Hassan Rouhani, has been having secret talks with Washington in the United States. He believes this is how they came to the Geneva Deal between Israel and Iran.

Daniel Taub was born and raised in the United Kingdom. He studied in Hertfordshire, England and then in London and after that at Harvard University. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

After moving to Israel in 1989, he enlisted and served in the Israeli Defense Forces as a combat medic. He later became a reserve officer in the international law division in the Israeli Defense Forces.

While serving in the Israeli Defense Forces, he also worked as a speechwriter for President Chaim Herzog and joined the Israeli Foreign Ministry in 1991.

Extremely knowledgeable in international law, especially in counter terrorism and the laws of war, Daniel Taub served as Principle Deputy Legal Adviser for Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and was the legal adviser to Israel’s missions to the United Nations in New York and Geneva. He has served as a negotiator for a couple different peace talks between Israel and a few other countries. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia and Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

He became the Israeli ambassador to the United Kingdom in 2011 and between 2011-2013 trade between Israel and the United Kingdom reached $8 billion. Taub is also a great public speaker and has even been featured on CNN, Newsnight, and even the BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.