OSI Industries growth into a leading food company in the world

OSI Group, LLC is an organization that deals with food processing. It is the biggest privately owned food production company which is even ranked among the top 100 largest private companies in the United States. OSI Industries is currently a global firm that is pushing its growth to more regions in the world. Currently, its operations are in 17 countries on different continents. The growth of the firm is even based on the need to provide food products that meet the needs of the people. With production on high gear in recent times, the company is aiming at having their products in every corner of the world. OSI Group buys former Tyson Foods plant in Chicago.

OSI Industries has a long history of development. It has come from very humble beginnings. It was started by a German immigrant known as Otto Kolschowsky. The initial aim was to supply the people around Chicago with meat products. Due to a combination of its entrepreneurial skills and demand from the market, the butcher shop kicked off very well, and after a short time, it had grown to a wholesale business which even forced Kolschowsky to change the location of the business. In 1928, it was renamed to Otto & Sons, after he brought in his two sons to help with managing the business, Harry and Arthur would play a significant role in the growth of the business as they were energetic and ready to fulfill the needs of the business.

In the mid-20th century, they entered into an agreement with the McDonalds which had just been opened. They were contracted to supply hamburgers to the McDonaldโ€™s. This deal was the deal-breaker for Otto & Sons. It propelled them to levels they never anticipated. With McDonald’s growing rapidly all over the country, there was demand for more products, and therefore Otto & Sons had to do more to meet the needs of the market. OSI Industries constructed the first food production plant in the region that would deal with supplies to McDonald’s only. The side of the business which was not dealing with McDonald’s was sliced away from Otto & Sons.

Due to the rapid growth that was being witnessed in OSI Industries, there was a need to have a manager who would push the business to new frontiers. Although the two sons of Kolschowsky had done very well, they were nearing retirement age, and the business was about to go global, the role of an experienced financial and investment expert was needed. This was when the company decided to hire the services of Sheldon Lavin who joined as an equal partner. His role was instrumental in the development of this company as he would later take up the mantle of leading the company to global growth.

OSI Industries info: www.kununu.com/us/osi-industries

Success in Business with Louis Chenevert

The investment world is not an easy world. Not everyone who loves it does well in it. You do not have to feel frustrated when things are not working out. You do not need to feel like nothing will ever turn in your favor. This is why you need to read the experiences of other people and know that you are not the only one who is facing the challenges. Louis Chenevert is among the prominent people you can learn from and improve your business experience. Here are some of the attributes that Louis Chenevert exhibited in his career;


Patience is a requirement in the industry. However, not many people have the virtue. Many people want quick riches and quick fame. It took Chenevert more than two decades to be the person he is today.

He began as a mere employee in General Motors, where he worked for 14 years. Before he left the firm, he served as their General Production Manager.

After his time in General Motors, he was hired by the Pratt & Whitney. He worked in different divisions of the firm, improving each and became the President in the sixth year.

It is during this time that the UTC poached him and made him their CEO, where he served for eight years.

It is important to understand that everything great and precious takes time to build. There is no need to rush and succumb to the pressure.

Hard Work and Commitment

Many people see their jobs as burdens. They feel like being in a company for long is what makes them eligible for the high positions of the company.

This is not the case; it is commitment and hard work that makes an individual suitable. Louis Chenevert had only served the Pratt & Whitney for six years before they promoted him as their president.

They saw potential in him. Chenevert did not wait to be appointed as the president to act like one; he became one long before he was given the title. He was always concerned about the success of the firm, in whichever position he served.


Rick Shinto- The Brain behind the Growth of InnovaCare Health

If you have visited, sought healthcare services or read about InnovaCare Health, you know the many contributions of Rick Shinto to the success of the company. Dr. Rick is an authority in the healthcare sector and brings technical experience and leadership to the healthcare industry. He is the President and Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare Inc. Dr. Shinto began his medical profession as a pulmonologist in southern California. He received his Bachelor of Science from the University of California. He is also a holder of a medical degree from the University of New York and M.B.A from the University of Redlands.


Rick Shinto has enjoyed a successful career in the healthcare sector. Before becoming the CEO of InnovaCare, he was the president and CEO of Aveta Inc. At Aveta, he was honored with the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. This an award that recognizes entrepreneurs who have been committed to the success of their organizations by providing innovate ideas, desire to help the needy and exceptional financial performance. For a number of years, Dr. Richard Shinto has also served as the chief medical officer at NAMM in California. At Pathways Management Company, he excelled with flying colors after serving in the position of Chief Medical Officer and Chief Operating Officer.


InnovaCare Inc. Career


Rick Shinto has had an amazing and successful career at InnovaCare. The company has grown over the years thanks to his experience, honest desire to improve healthcare crisis as well as his business knowledge. He is credited with being a force to reckon with and a force of change at InnovaCare Health. Through the able hands and mind of Penelope Kokkinides and other executive staff in the company, Rick has been able to hire qualified professionals who have helped drive the growth of the company.


Together with his team of experts, Mr. Shinto has ensured the stability of the company. Teamwork is one facet that is valued and treasured by InnovaCare Inc. Transparent and proper communication, good working relationship and quality healthcare services are elements that have stirred the growth of the company. InnovaCare Health has been able to come up with two programs for the people of Puerto Rico. This includes PMC Medicare and MMM Healthcare Inc. These two affiliates offer quality care programs which help promote the emotional and physical health of its members.


Through the leadership of Dr. Rick Shinto, customer satisfaction rate of InnovaCare Inc. is steadily at 90%. The two affiliate healthcare programs MMM and PMC have received NCQA accreditation a feat that makes InnovaCare Inc. a leader in the sector. Shinto has also written several publications on clinical medicine and healthcare matters, a field he is well versed with and holds impeccable experience in. Mr. Shinto promises continued growth of the company and great innovations for all its new and existing members.


Whitney Wolfe Herd, Partnered with Andrey Andreev on Bumble App

Whitney Wolfe Herd, founder and CEO of Bumble, a woman led dating app, was born in Salt Lake City, Utah in the year 1989. She attended Southern Methodist University where she majored in International Studies. While she attended college, she started up her own business at the young age of 19. The business sold bamboo tote bags that benefited the BP oil spill areas.

Whitney Wolfe’s exposure to the dating app world came a few years prior to the birth of Bumble. In 2012, she became a co founder of Tinder, but ended her time with Tinder during the allegations of discrimination and sexual harassment. The case settled, but that didn’t stop the online attacks that came in waves towards Herd. Whitney Wolfe Herd experienced depression during this time and that is when her vision came to light for her next project.

She wanted to invent an app that promoted nothing but positive words of encouragement and be run by females. The first draft for the name was “Merci”. As Whitney Wolfe Herd worked on her idea, Andrey Andreev, contacted Wolfe for a meeting in London. Andreev, is the CEO and founder of Badoo, the largest dating network globally. During their meeting. Andreev offered Herd to become chief marketing officer. She declined the offer but decided she needed his input on her idea, Merci.

Andreev was ready to get on board but only if it could be a dating app. He wasn’t interested in monetizing on another social media network. So Whitney Wolfe Herd declined the offer and went back home to focus her attention on her social networking. Andreev’s offer loomed in the distance and after talking to her then boyfriend, now husband, Michael Herd,she chose to revisit the offer. With all the backlash that Wolfe endured during the time frame just before her departure from Tinder, she knew it would be a challenge to get the capital needed for her idea. Meet the Tinder Co-Founder Trying to Change Online Dating Forever.

Andreev funded her project and Whitney acquired 20% ownership, whereas 79% ownership is to the parent company, Badoo, and 1% went to Christopher Gulczynski and Sarah Mick. Mick and Gulczynski are consultants that joined the company full time after it launched. Bumble is holding its own now with over 30 million users daily.

Whitney Wolfe’s Social Media: twitter.com/whitwolfeherd?lang=en