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After raising 173 million since its founding in 2011. Julie Wainwright CO-Founder of her company The RealReal has skyrocketed they’re way to the top! With REAL luxury consignment that at one time only focused on women’s luxury fashion. Now focuses on a variety of home decor, menswear, jewelry, art, and even Children’s clothes! Listen, the FAKES are out and the REALS are in! Guys, literally The RealReal has everything from Chanel to Fendi. Which by the way Fendi is having a major comeback as you see in some of our Instagram posts. The Zucca label went to the FF label and it looks fabulous on all their appeals! The RealReal offers everything like the Balenciaga shoes and bags, they are just thriving! Perfect for a style that says class, YES CLASS! Not sure what to look for when it comes to a REAL used Gucci bag? The RealReal team specializes in teaching you tips on their blog. You don’t want to go flaunting that new Gucci bag that gets tons of compliments not knowing if its REAL or not? You want the confidence of knowing that Gucci bag you have is a steal of a deal! So that being said don’t forget to add us on Instagram @therealreal to check out the New Arrivals, deals, and giveaways we offer!



Dr. ShafikSachedina is one of the most famous dental surgeons in the whole of Europe. He has come to be regarded as a qualified, reputable, and experienced dental expert. The quality of the services that he provides and his dedication to the dental profession has seen him become part of various renowned healthcare facilities in regions around England. Currently, he serves as the joint chairman of Sussex Health Care Companies.

Besides his leadership position at Sussex Health Care, he is also the leader of the Department of Jamati Institutions and has the responsibility of coordinating the activities and programs of the Ismaili society’s sixteen principle institutions. Also, he is charged with overseeing partnerships with Ismaili institutions in Asia and the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN). Learn more about Shafik Sachedina at Care Quality Commission.

Following his entrepreneurial spirit which drove him to open Sussex Health Care, him together with his compassionate team of healthcare providers aid those who are residents at his facility through the provision of care for the elderly. They provide care to the elderly through upholding their physical health and engaging them in activities such as quizzes, cookery, and handicrafts. They also aid those who have learning disabilities by giving 24-hour service care that is suitable for each resident’s individual needs.

As previously seen, Dr.Sachedina is ahead of the Department of Jamati institutions. However, it has been speculated that this is not a constitutional position that he holds and that the Department of Jamati institutions is not in a place to give new directions to institutions. In one of the interviews that were conducted Dr. ShafikSachedina indicated that his leading role as head of the department is to coordinate the budgets of Jamati institutions.

One of the things that can be said about Dr.ShafikSachedina is that he is an individual who is set to use his gift, knowledge, and compassion to give back to the society in a manner that benefits those who need care and their loved ones. On the other hand, having been appointed to various positions is an indication that his vast knowledge has proved to be beneficial.



Robert Ivy And The Role Of Professional Societies.

Depending on your background, the most likely path that you’ll take toward your career of choice will include education, on-the-job training, and then a full-time job. While this career path makes a ton of sense and works great for people who can make it happen for them, it isn’t the only path to success anymore. Robert Ivy, President of the American Institute of Architecture, has been vocal in his affirmation of the role that professional societies are playing in the professional world. As a big name in the world of architecture, when Robert Ivy turns his attention toward something, the rest of the industry takes notice. So, let’s take a moment to look at professional societies and what they can bring to the table. Find out more about Robert Ivy at Archinect

A professional society is an organization that seeks to blend on-the-job training with an environment that is conducive to learning and to making progress within the field before fully entering it. Professional societies can be found in all manner of industries in the world, though Robert Ivy is speaking specifically to his experiences with the AIA. In fact, according to a report released in 2010, there were more than 92,000 trade associations found throughout the United States. These trade associations, or what we call professional societies, have been proven time and again to be beneficial to workers of all walks of life and economic background.

For starters, a professional society will give their workers the chance to learn everything that they can about the field before entering into it. With masses of data and analytical tools available, members of these professional societies will be given a proverbial treasure’s trove of information. This information is absolutely vital to astute professionals who want to enter their field with a leg up on the competition.

While education is huge in professional socities like the AIA, it is far from the most important aspect of the group. In fact, Ivy would argue that the powerful ability to network within a small field like architecture is even more important. Members of the AIA get to work alongside aspiring professionals in the same field. We’ve all heard the old saying: It’s not always what you know, it is who you know. While these burgeoning architects get their training and experience, they are also getting the networking done that will provide them with plenty of opportunities later on in their career. This is a huge benefit to architects especially, according to Robert Ivy.

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GreenSky : 21st Century Financial Solutions

Atlanta-based GreenSky  is taking its financial services to the next level. This financial-technology company provides advanced technologies for merchants and banks via lending support. Consumers who are on the market for products and services in healthcare, home improvement and other services can benefit directly from this company. GreenSky  is one of the top credit companies of the 21st century, and it doesn’t even use its own capital during this process. This particular company is partnered with 14 other financial institutes, including Sun Trust Banks and Regions Finance Corp. These two financial institutes offer a number of services, including mortgage, brokerage and insurance services.

Being part of an emerging field has helped to open many new doors for the business. Fintech is booming as of late, and this industry is raking in the dollars on an annual basis. Wikipedia has reported that GreenSky has generated at least $325 million in 2017. “We’re not competing with banks because we’re a technology-based company , said CEO David Zalik. Business has been so good to where Zalik was presented with the National EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award in financial services for 2016. In 2015, this company was considering on expanding its services even more with a 10-year tax incentive program as well as a building a new call center in Kentucky. GreenSky is in direct-competition with many other hard-hitters such as Avant Inc., Debtbench and Mosaic Inc. These Fintech type of companies have business mottos just like GreenSky .

The company was founded 12 years ago, and it has steadily climbed the ranks to success. In 2016, GreenSky  established a building plan that was worth $2 billion. That’s right! The company also raised over $50 million in capital for 2016. In the end, the sky is definitely the limit for GreenSky , or should I say that the limit is the sky.

Stream Energy Steps Up Yet Again To Help People During A Time Of Crisis And Need

Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston, Texas by dropping 56 inches of rain on the city, and many companies just sat around watching helplessly as people died and as others lost their homes and pets. Instead of doing nothing, Stream Energy decided to step and offer help to people who were experiencing their darkest hour. Stream is an independent energy company that used a portion of its sales to help fund its efforts. The truth is this company has been engaging in philanthropy for many years and decided to formalize its efforts by starting up its philanthropy arm, which it calls Stream Cares.


By leading as an example of how a company based in Texas should help during times of crisis, the company has improved its image and helped many people in the process. While this has been a positive side effect of the company’s efforts, Stream Energy just wanted to help. The Stream Cares Foundation has already been helping out with the issue of homelessness in Dallas, Texas and has been working with the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity for many years. The company has the ability to help out financially due to its simple business model, which involves its associates selling energy directly to its customers. The company also offers telemedicine services and mobile phone plans.


While Stream Energy made a large difference when Hurricane Harvey struck, it has cared about the homeless population of Dallas for a long time. The company has already noted that there has been a large increase of homelessness in the city it operates out of and that this won’t stand. Stream Energy has worked with the Hope Supply Co. in the past in order to provide homeless children with many of the regular kinds of items they need in their daily lives. Stream associates are also a large part of the company’s philanthropy and love to get involved in efforts that help Dallas-based families. Some of the most notable charitable efforts of the company have gone to benefit veterans and their families, and Stream Energy plans on continuing to play a large role in helping to make Dallas and the state of Texas a better place for everyone.

Rodrigo Terpins Has Aspirations Beyond The Rally Track

If you live in Brazil or pay much attention to the rally car scene then you’ve no doubt become familiar with the racing work of Rodrigo Terpins. Terpins is a decorated rally driver with experience on the professional circuits. Rallies, for those that are not aware, are incredibly tough races that require two-person teams in order to get the best time. Chemistry and teamwork are absolutely vital to succeed in rally driving and it is no surprise that Rodrigo Terpins has such success. With that being said, Rodrigo Terpins is so much more than just a rally driver. He is a dedicated businessman with eyes on the environment and the company Floresvale under his belt. Let’s get to know Terpins a little bit more in order to see what makes him so effective.


If you want to get a full understanding of Rodrigo Terpins you’d have to look at his family history in order to properly acquaint yourself with him. Rodrigo’s entire family has roots in professional sports. His father, Jack Terpins, played professional basketball in Brazil while his brother is a rally car driver as well. It makes absolute sense that Rodrigo would follow their footsteps into the world of competition and it makes even more sense that he would find success in doing so.


Beyond sports, Terpins is interested in propping up his company Floresvale. Floresvale is a wood supplier that focuses on providing businesses with wood that was derived ethically from sustainable sources. The wood industry in Brazil is incredibly in demand but there are so many companies that are working without sustainability in mind that Rodrigo felt it was his obligation to try and shift the industry himself.


As an entrepreneur with roots in several different very unique areas, Rodrigo Terpins knows that he is always at risk of losing himself in a concept. In order to offset that, Terpins relies on having a great team surrounding him at all times. Right now, Terpins cites discussions with his partner as the most effective way to generate ideas that are both on point and relevant to the future growth of his business. For more details you can checkout