Society Can Benefit From Anti-Aging Says Jason Hope

It takes a high level of dedication to be a success as an entrepreneur, but an even higher level of dedication to be a successful and dedicated philanthropist. Jason hope is both of these things and has gone by titles such as entrepreneur, futurist, philanthropist, investor, tech guru, and many others.

Currently, Jason Hope calls home to Scottsdale in Arizona, which is also where he was born. He has built quite the reputation over the years for starting up many different tech companies that have earned him a lot of money and opportunity to give back to the community. He is well versed in many different industries, but he is particularly interested in biotech, finances, the internet, and philanthropy.

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Jason Hope has his own personal website and blog that he uses to share his knowledge and insight on many different topics. Frequenters will find a lot of news pertaining to technology and medicine as well as future innovations and ideas that are of interest to Jason. On his website, Jason also provides various tools for people to use for opportunities, such as funding for projects or grants for higher education. Much of Jason’s free time outside of consulting work and philanthropy has him working to contribute to his website and other individuals looking to do good things.

Not only is Jason the largest supporter of the SENS Research Foundation with a half million dollar donation in 2010, but he actively supports many charities throughout the community. This donation was significant, but it is because they are working to help people live better lives for longer without trying to develop lifelong treatments for their own financial benefit. Along with SENS, Jason Hope has taken the time to contribute to the True Colors Fund, the Tony Hawk Foundation, Family Health International, Arizona Science Center, T Gen, the Worldwide Orphans Foundation, and many others, including local philanthropic projects held within the Arizona community.

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