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Bobby Kotick steps to improve Activision Blizzard reputation

Activision Blizzard has been receiving bad publicity due to claims of widespread sexual harassment and poor adherence to labor standards. Several lawsuits have targeted the company due to failure to comply with different labor law regulations. To make it possible for the company to regain its good reputation, Bobby Kotick has decided to come up with a wide range of measures to address the situation. In his recent move, he decided to take a pay cut and promised to implement several changes that would address the issues of a bad reputation in the company. Some of the measures he aims to introduce include issues such as. Read more at Twitter

Zero-tolerance to the harassment policy

Activision Blizzard has been sued several times due to its failure to adhere to anti-harassment policies. Some female employees have complained of sexual harassment. The CEO has promised to employ a zero-tolerance policy to investigate all cases and take strict measures. The aim is to avoid cases where the employees will be exposed to any form of harassment that can affect their service delivery.

Thorough investigative processes

Activision Blizzard was employing an investigative process that was not very effective. In a recent move, the company has decided to develop more effective investigative processes. Bobby Kotick believes the thorough investigations will help identify the perpetrators then take necessary actions to stop the widespread harassment.

Employ more women

Activision Blizzard has been accused of not employing people fairly. There have been issues where female employees feel discriminated against when it comes to promotions and the employment process. To deal with the negative publicity, the CEO has decided to employ more women. The move will see the company have a one-to-one ratio of female and male employees. They will open more room for the company to accommodate diverse talents in their workforce.