Betsy DeVos Begins Long Fight For Education Reform in America

There are few political figures more polarizing than President Donald Trump. With that being said, President Trump was elected to the White House on a massive wave of voter enthusiasm and a return to nationalist norms. President Trump rose to prominence by never being afraid to speak what was on his mind while simultaneously standing up for the ‘outsider’. This led President Trump to tout that he would fill his Cabinet with outsiders who are willing to put America First instead of old conventional political interests. Among President Trump’s many Cabinet members is Betsy DeVos, a quiet and unassuming Republican from the state of Michigan who has been tabbed as a revolutionary in the world of conservative education reform. Betsy DeVos was selected to take on the role of the Secretary of Education and now she’ll be tasked with taking President Trump’s hype and making it all a reality.


Betsy DeVos is simultaneously the most interesting member of President Trump’s Cabinet and the least well-known. Betsy DeVos comes to Washington D.C. from the state of Michigan where she spent the bulk of her adult life working to engineer change within the realm of education by focusing on aspects that Conservatives strongly believed in. DeVos has spent more than thirty years fighting for education reform in the world of public education and she has done so as a private citizen, never holding federal or state-level office. Betsy DeVos knows that she will have crosshairs on her agenda as she takes office and it will be due in large part to her lack of resume. With that being said, DeVos has never flinched from anything in her entire life and that means she will be ready to fight for what conservatives believe in while operating at the Department of Education.


As one of the freshest faces in Washington D.C., speaking from an experience standpoint, DeVos knows that all eyes will be on her as she moves within the inner workings of America’s largest ‘swamp’. DeVos has found herself under attack early on in her career as she was narrowly confirmed by the Senate, forcing Vice President Mike Pence to take the floor in order to cast a tie-breaking vote. After assuming office, DeVos was quick to get to work to show that she was more than just an icon of a movement, she was an engineer of the education movement herself. After taking her position in the Department of Education, DeVos would call an important meeting between the prominent leaders of the major teacher’s unions in the United States. DeVos wanted to put her hand on the pulse of America’s educational system and see face-to-face what the leaders therein desired going forward. Most of the union leaders rejected her invitation to meet but those that did accept, including Randi Weingarten, found DeVos to be so much more than a soft-spoken and endearing individual. Weingarten admits, and many others will soon follow, that DeVos is more than just a public figure — she’s a bulldog who believes in what she is fighting for.


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An Overview of Orange Coast College Planetarium Fund

Presently, a new planetarium has been being built in Orange Coast College, and an astronomical boost of around d $1 million has been donated by a former instructor. This fund from Mary McChesney will be used to Foucault which is a device used in teaching about the rotation of the Earth. The professors in the college believe that the planetarium will be one of a kind in Orange County. McChesney said that the construction would be a center for the Orange Coast College students and the surrounding environs. The donor has grown loving this college which once used to be her place of work and is presently giving the college an exciting feature ahead.


Adelyn Bonin was also a professor at Orange Coast College where she was teaching the German language until retirement in 1983. It is the same year that McChesney also retired from teaching English and Spanish at the college for 33 years. According to the Doug Bennet, McChesney has also been an active contributor to the foundation and has also funded several education scholarships. Although Bennet had heard about the contribution of McChesney, he never had an idea of how big it would be.


The groundbreaking ceremony for the planetarium took place in 2016 after the previous planetarium had torn down over the years since 1950. Since technology has advanced significantly, Bennet affirmed that the institution needed a new structure and his answer was the planetarium. The building will harbor 129-seat auditorium and showcase National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. It is very different compared to the old planetarium which had the capacity of 35 visitors. The new planetarium is set to be used as from 2018.


About the College


Its establishment took place in 1947 and classes began in the following year. This college has grown to be among the best community colleges and enrolls at least 25000 learners per semester. The college boasts of the latest technology infrastructure and a large number of academic and career programs.


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