Rick Shinto’s Visionary Leadership At InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health has capitalized on team work, proper communication among workers, and good relationships to deliver quality medical services. Richard Shinto has cultivated a culture of transparency within the company. Rick is the president and CEO of the corporation. InnovaCare Health aims to redefine healthcare management through its affiliates, MMM Healthcare Inc. and PMC Medicare Choice Inc. These entities offer innovative care programs that seek to enhance the physical and emotional well being of their clients. The company is highly committed to augmenting customer satisfaction. Over the years, InnovaCare Health has managed to provide clients with world-class services and products. The two affiliates are NSQA-accredited, a clear indication of their assurance of customer protection and quality services. Their solutions meet the high standards of quality assurance. InnovaCare Health is highly reputable for addressing clients’ problems by developing consumer-oriented products. For more details visit Bloomberg.

InnovaCare Health’s leadership has played an integral role in the success of the company. Penelope Kokkinides has been working closely with Rick Shinto to enhance the entity’s operations. Penelope Kokkinides serves as the chief administrative officer. According to Laraza, since joining the company in 2012, Rick and Penelope have exhibited tranformative leadership skills that have augmented the company’s products and services. The two visionary leaders have worked together to make healthcare affordable. Today, more Puerto Ricans can access quality medical care. Through their concerted efforts, they have attracted and retained 70 percent of the residents that were subscribing to the services provided by other companies. Previously, Penelope worked for InnovaCare Health as the COO. She has worked for Aveta Inc. as the chief operations officer and the vice president of clinical operations. With over twenty years of experience in the managed care industry, Penelope has a wealth of knowledge in the development of clinical programs. She is also an expert in the management of healthcare operations. At InnovaCare Health, she seeks to enhance efficiency and organizational infrastructure. This information was originally mentioned on Hackronym as outlined in this link http://hackronym.com/rick-shinto-innovacare-healths-team-and-reach/

Rick Shinto’s has extensive experience in operational and clinical healthcare. Initially, he worked as a pulmonologist at Southern California. Later, he joined Aveta Inc. where he was awarded the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year. The award recognizes excellence in innovation, financial performance, and the impact of an entrepreneur in the community. Rick has worked for Medical Management as the vice president. Previously, he served as the chief medical officer of Cal Optima Health Plan in Orange County. He also worked for NAMM California and Pathways Management Company where he held top leadership positions. The accomplished author in clinical medicine studied at the University of Redlands, the State University of New York and the University of California. He holds two Bachelor’s degrees and an MBA. This information was originally reported on BitsyLink as highlighted in the following link http://bitsylink.com/2017/02/27/dr-rick-shinto-guides-innovacare-to-success/



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Anthony Petrello Brings Philanthropic Culture In Nabors Industries

Tony Petrello is the CEO of Nabors Industries an oil drilling form in the United States. Nabors Industries has the best drilling technology currently in the whole energy sector. Petrello is known for making his wealth through this company. It has, however, not come easy. He has worked diligently, improving the operations of this company to appoint where the company is making billions in profits every year.

He is currently one of the best-paid CEO in the country. He has been in the form for the last two and a half decades. He joined the firm in 2011 as the Chief Operating Officer and was appointed CEO in 2011. His performance with this company is the reason he was promoted.

Nabors Industries is normally contracted to do oil exploration and drilling in all parts of the world. In its journey of development, it has acquired smaller firms in the industry so that it could develop rapidly. This company has become a global firm selling its technology to numerous oil companies in the world. It has created a big name as it has the best drilling technology. The company has been entering into partnerships with other oil companies to supply their drilling technology. Currently, Nabors has a presence in 25 countries and numerous drilling rigs across the world. The success of the company has a direct relationship with the actions taken by Tony Petrello since he joined.

For those who know Anthony Petrello well, they know him for being a down-to-earth person who is compassionate and always wants the best for humanity. It is this compassion that has pushed him to engage in other activities that involve giving back to the community. At a personal level, he is a philanthropist ho spends huge sums of money every year supporting different causes. His compassion and positive attitude toward philanthropy have been carried on by the company. Nabors Industries is now one of the companies that are giving back to the company through various relief programs. Every year, the company is contributing to various organizations which lead relief programs in the country.

During the mess caused by Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Tony Petrello and the Nabors Industries family came out in a big way to support the victims of the hurricane. Petrello sent his employees on a paid leave so that they could offer support to the Houston community. He also contributed about $300,000 to the relief program started to support the victims.

Healthcare’s Top Investor; Jim Tananbaum

Jim Tananbaum is the initiator and president of Foresite Capital. Jim started this company in 2011, and it is a private firm that mainly deals with identifying healthcare leaders that are emerging and helps them to grow and even have profits by giving them capital, helping them network and also provide them with the necessary information.

According to Business Wire, before he started Foresite, Jim co-initiated two other biopharmaceutical businesses and doubles other healthcare venture practices. The two firms are now valued at about $ 3.2 billion.

Jim Tananbaum’s outlay knowledge contains being a creation significant other of the Prospect Partners II and II and at the beginning of his career; he was a significant other at Sierra Ventures.

Jim was a math and computer science major at Yale, and he was awarded his M.D and M.B.A from Harvard and his M.S from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Jim got his idea after being a healthcare entrepreneur for over 25 years. According to him, Foresite plays an important role in understanding the future of healthcare, and they also saw that Foresite has the ability to help the emerging leaders by giving them information and the capital that they need and also help them network. Foresite has invested in approximately 77 different health care companies.

Jim spends his day working with members of his team on calls and in the middle of meetings. He also likes to spend some time with his family during dinner. In addition to that, he also makes sure that he has at least one hour to work out. His main aim is to bring ideas to life not only through capital but by also engaging with the most persistent and the smartest people in the healthcare industry.

As an entrepreneur, Jim Tananbaum takes more risks, and after several years of doing this, he has learned that one is more likely to make more returns than losses.

About Jim Tananbaum

Jim is the founder and CEO of Foresite capital. His most notable deal is associated to Intarcia Therapeutics. He is located in San Francisco. He has, from Yale University, a BS and B.S.E.E, from Harvard Medical School an MD from and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

He has been in the healthcare industry for over 25 years and has been part of Prospect Venture Partners II and III and Sierra Ventures. He also has several investments like Amerigroup and Healtheon.  View Jim’s full profile on bloomberg.com.

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Jim Tananbaum, Foresite’s CEO Supports Mindstrong’s Tech Innovation

The tech industry has been advancing at a remarkable rate influencing notable changes in every sector of development. On this trend, the healthcare industry has not been left behind. A few weeks ago, Mindstrong announced that it had raised $14 million to support its neuropsychiatric treatment diagnosis platform, (http://www.massdevice.com/neuropsych-treatment-diagnosis-platform-dev-mindstrong-health-raises-14m-series/). The initiative was monitored by Foresite Capital in collaboration with ARCH Ventures. However, later, Optum Ventures, One Mind Brain Impact Fund, and Berggruen Holdings joined the platform.

Thanks to technology advancements as with the anticipated innovation, a user can easily measure the brain functioning by monitoring patterns of interaction using his/her smartphone. What took many by surprise is the fact that the innovation relies on a user’s smartphone usage to measure his/her brain functionality. By digging shallowly over the internet, you will understand that mental health disorders are rising as a global problem. However, with the awaited tech, an improvement will be felt significantly in the mental health care.

According to Foresite’s CEO, Jim Tananbaum, Mindstrong project brings together the minds of great members in the society with a rich understanding of the challenges affecting the medical care, particularly in the mental health sector. With notable figures such as Paul, Rick and Paul on board, the anticipated project is expected to improve the health care industry.

According to Mindstrong’s CEO, the mental health disorders lacked a reliable way to measure and track the condition. Therefore, the innovation was entirely focused on seeking a way to measure the conditions as in other chronic diseases such as diabetes. Over and over again, Mindstrong has been acknowledged for its consistency in delivering the impossible.

About Jim Tananbaum

Jim Tananbaum is a respected figure in the healthcare sector. The successful individual is the founder of renowned Foresite Capital where he serves as the CEO. The successful entrepreneur launched Foresite in 2011. Jim’s venture has earned a reputation as a lead private equity firm focused on helping healthcare leaders grow to profitability.

Jim’s history with start-ups has an in-depth history. Before founding Foresite, Jim was associated with other startups. Jim founded GelTex Pharmaceuticals which introduced two drugs into the market worth about $80 million before selling it in 1998 for $1.6 billion. Also, Jim co-founded Theravance where he served as the CEO. Jim earned his M.D from Yale and his M.B.A. from Harvard. Besides, the successful entrepreneur holds an M.S. from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Check out his Crunchbase page for more information.

Before Trying Bumble: Consider This

A lot of people have struggles with online dating for many different reasons. The ironic thing is that online dating has been created because people have had struggles finding dates in the physical world. The truth is that there are advantages and disadvantages to each method of dating.

With online dating, it is at least more clear about who is single and who is taken. In the outside world, people meet all types of people in all types of relationship statuses. Therefore, people that are looking for a date are going to have a challenging time. However, online dating has its own set of challenges.

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Fortunately, there are ways to handle the challenge. The best way to have the best chance at success in dating is by making sure that the profile is complete with a picture. The best picture that one can take currently is a picture that should be up there. That means no old pictures. The principle is pretty much the same whether dealing with a regular dating app or Bumble from Whitney Wolfe. It doesn’t matter what the Bumble app features. The most important factor to the success of dating on any method is the interest of the person.

Whitney Wolfe has just made online dating less chaotic for women and a little easier for men. With all of the complaints about online dating, Whitney Wolfe has just decided to make sure that both men and women are getting the best advantages from the dating world with Bumble. At the same time, it is important for all members of Whitney Wolfe’s app to put as much effort as possible into their profile so that they will look more presentable and legitimate to people. No one is going to want anything to do with a fake scammy profile.

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