The Foundation and Lighter Side of Chris Burch Through His Instagram Account

Chris Burch is best known to be CEO and Founder that has grown the name, reputation and progress of Burch Creative Capital. But most people don’t know too much yet about the lighter side of his career, and this light side is best detailed in the Instagram account of Burch.


Instagram Updates

Chris Burch’s Instagram handle is @jchristopherburch. And with more than a thousand followers, it is in his Instagram account that he shares some personal stuff about his ventures, Chris Burch’s work and resort in Indonesia and other personal highlights that inspire people to follow his path. The posts of Chris Burch in Instagram are all for promoting the business values, the Indonesian culture and some achievements that had been accomplished under his leadership. Chris Burch reputation in the field of promoting local culture is also best highlighted in the previous posts. There are also posts in his Instagram about the events he attended, meetings he is heading and the talks that he attended to share the insight he learned in his career.


The Investor

It is one thing to say that Chris Burch is successful, but it’s also another thing to say how Burch is able to help other companies succeed, refer to ( His background as an angel investor has made a lot of progress in the U.S. economy because of the companies that he’s helped. And the companies he’s been helping are spread all across a diversity of assets and industries. Being the co-founder of the luxury fashion brand, Tony Burch, also gives his name a reputation that’s both internationally known as well as being fundamentally strong.

It can be said that one of the many things that push the success of Burch today would be the fact that he helps local communities grow. He even helps communities in Indonesia grow their industries with the help of his interests in financial services, hospitality and consumer products.

It may be added here that the Creative Capital that Burch started is also a good sign of the evolution of the fashion industry today. The success of the company that Burch mainly supports could be from the fact that it successfully invests in creativity as a foundation for good business structure and values. Creativity is also the best way to find the solutions to the company problems that not many leaders and companies are able to manage. Through the kind of creative leadership that Burch has led, many of his investments have seen the most successful status that they can achieve, learn more on