The REALREAL is the REAL deal here!

After raising 173 million since its founding in 2011. Julie Wainwright CO-Founder of her company The RealReal has skyrocketed they’re way to the top! With REAL luxury consignment that at one time only focused on women’s luxury fashion. Now focuses on a variety of home decor, menswear, jewelry, art, and even Children’s clothes! Listen, the FAKES are out and the REALS are in! Guys, literally The RealReal has everything from Chanel to Fendi. Which by the way Fendi is having a major comeback as you see in some of our Instagram posts. The Zucca label went to the FF label and it looks fabulous on all their appeals! The RealReal offers everything like the Balenciaga shoes and bags, they are just thriving! Perfect for a style that says class, YES CLASS! Not sure what to look for when it comes to a REAL used Gucci bag? The RealReal team specializes in teaching you tips on their blog. You don’t want to go flaunting that new Gucci bag that gets tons of compliments not knowing if its REAL or not? You want the confidence of knowing that Gucci bag you have is a steal of a deal! So that being said don’t forget to add us on Instagram @therealreal to check out the New Arrivals, deals, and giveaways we offer!