Rodrigo Terpins Has Aspirations Beyond The Rally Track

If you live in Brazil or pay much attention to the rally car scene then you’ve no doubt become familiar with the racing work of Rodrigo Terpins. Terpins is a decorated rally driver with experience on the professional circuits. Rallies, for those that are not aware, are incredibly tough races that require two-person teams in order to get the best time. Chemistry and teamwork are absolutely vital to succeed in rally driving and it is no surprise that Rodrigo Terpins has such success. With that being said, Rodrigo Terpins is so much more than just a rally driver. He is a dedicated businessman with eyes on the environment and the company Floresvale under his belt. Let’s get to know Terpins a little bit more in order to see what makes him so effective.


If you want to get a full understanding of Rodrigo Terpins you’d have to look at his family history in order to properly acquaint yourself with him. Rodrigo’s entire family has roots in professional sports. His father, Jack Terpins, played professional basketball in Brazil while his brother is a rally car driver as well. It makes absolute sense that Rodrigo would follow their footsteps into the world of competition and it makes even more sense that he would find success in doing so.


Beyond sports, Terpins is interested in propping up his company Floresvale. Floresvale is a wood supplier that focuses on providing businesses with wood that was derived ethically from sustainable sources. The wood industry in Brazil is incredibly in demand but there are so many companies that are working without sustainability in mind that Rodrigo felt it was his obligation to try and shift the industry himself.


As an entrepreneur with roots in several different very unique areas, Rodrigo Terpins knows that he is always at risk of losing himself in a concept. In order to offset that, Terpins relies on having a great team surrounding him at all times. Right now, Terpins cites discussions with his partner as the most effective way to generate ideas that are both on point and relevant to the future growth of his business. For more details you can checkout