Prisons are being taken over by drones

Securus Technologies has offices that span from coast-to-coast in the United States of America. The three most prestigious offices are located in Texas and Georgia. For the past 30 years they have been the leading provider in United States of America for technological safety products. These products have been successfully used by law enforcement, public safety officers, correctional facility officers, as well as private investigators. Securus Technologies boasts how they get to be involved in protecting 1000 prisons and their 1.2 million prisoners contained inside.


Recently, this technological company has begun facing a problem they never thought would come across their desk. Criminals on the outside have been using technological drones to deliver illegal items to their friends on the inside. The drone simply flies over the walls of prisons with a box containing contraband items. The boxes drop off at a location that the inmate will then visit and take the items inside. These items can be very dangerous to correctional officers, other inmates, and even people on the outside.


These drones have been delivering cell phones, drugs, and weapons. These illegal cell phones are used to plot crimes on the outside. The drugs are then used to gain power on the inside. And of course, the weapons are used to harm other inmates.


Securus Technologies has worked for over a year and a half finding ways that they can stop these drones from breaching the prison walls. They already have a product in place called Wireless Containment Solutions. This product is meant to tap into a cell phone signature and thus listen in on calls and transfer and drop them as the operator wishes. They believe they can use the same technology to lock on to the unique signature that belongs to drones and use that to disrupt its ability to fly. As a drone comes in it is detected by Wireless Containment Solutions. A laser similar to an EMP is then shot at the drone which causes it to fall to the ground. From here, officers can collect the contraband items and hopefully discover which inmate they were going to.


Because they have been working so hard, Securus Technologies has recently received three prestigious awards. These awards are known as the Stevie Awards and are highly sought after by companies in the customer service sector. Stevie Awards receives over 2500 nominations a year but only a dozen or so are able to receive the awards. Not only did Securus Technologies receive three awards from the Stevie awards but they were able to take home the gold the silver and the bronze in the areas of customer service as well as innovation. This proves they are number one.


Securus Technologies Making Officers Work Easier

My job as a corrections officer in our jail is to not only control the facility, but to make certain everyone inside is safe. Now we are not just talking about the inmates, we have to make sure that guests to the prison are safe, staff, and the rest of my fellow officers too. One inmate who took too much drugs or has access to a weapon now puts the entire facility in danger. This is why we work hard to try and keep these items out of the jail, but as condition become more crowded, the inmates have the edge.


Securus Technologies is based out of the great state of Texas, and they developed a monitoring system that can detect what inmates are saying on prison phones and quickly alert officers to potential trouble. The reason I say potential trouble is because in the past, inmates using drugs or getting weapons had my team in reaction mode. Now, when the Securus Technologies system alerts us to drug or weapon use, we get ahead of the trouble and remove it before inmates can use it.


These call monitoring systems are already working in thousands of prisons, and now we have joined the ranks. What we began to notice soon after the LBS software was operational was that we were getting a peak inside the lives of the inmates we never saw. Inmates bragging about drug use or talking about gang issues on the phone gives us the chance to be able to step in and either remove the threat or to step in when trouble happens.


This not only gives us an edge, it often catches the inmates by surprise because they continue to think that they are basically running this facility. The severe drop in crimes can be attributed to one thing.


Functions of Securus Technologies and Customer Feedback

The headquarters of Securus Technologies is in Dallas, Texas. The company serves more than 3,450 public safety law enforcement and criminal agencies. We are committed to helping and connecting many people by providing emergencies services, public information, communication, investigation, and incident management. We also provide biometric analysis and monitoring of the products in order to make the world a safe place. We are the leading company in using advanced technology in providing criminal and civil justice, correction, investigation, and monitoring. Securus Technologies is a high-tech technology center. We are very proud because of the techniques and facilities that we have invested in the society.


We have received many comments from our customers in the entire United States. Our clients have confirmed that Securus Technologies is innovative and it stands out in the industry. The customers appreciate the telephone system because it provides information on what is happening in prison and also the evidence that is used in the investigation. Clients are impressed with the products, excellent customer service, the reliability of the company, and its representatives. The employees also love the technology system. Facilities at the center are high-tech.


The positive comments come from women and men who have used our technology to save lives, to make services efficient and safe, and to reduce recidivism. We are proud and humbled by the feedback from our clients. We will continue to serve and protect people as a company. We focus on connecting on the issues that matter mainly on criminal and civil justice technology solutions. We are a world class organization and desire to enhance the best quality for our products and the ability to track and monitor communications. Many customers have confirmed that our services are top-notch. This has helped them to carry out their functions efficiently and safely.


Customers Glad Of Securus Technologies’ Help

These technology-based services assist in the prevention of crime through a series of investigations, corrections, and monitoring. The group’s CEO and Chairman, Richard Smith, asserts the firm’s commitment to coming up with new services that help solve and prevent crime. In particular, the group has set a focus on improving correctional facilities by developing new products at an average interval of a week.


For its noble efforts, the group has received numerous feedback in the form of official letters and emails mostly from prison officials. Securus Technologies boss released a sample of the communications and expressed joy for the recognition of his group’s efforts to maintain security. Sample feedback has been given below, and there was a consideration to the diversity in the regions that the correction officials come from. For reasons of safety, however, names of states, counties and correctional centers have been held back to protect the innocent.


Sample comments


One official is especially grateful for assistance from Securus Technology for their assistance in helping secure a search warrant against a corrupt staff by using information from the alleged corrupt official’s phone call log. He was eventually arrested, and the director goes ahead to express his desire for further help from Securus in the future.


This unearthed the inmates’ illegal activities including alcohol use and drug abuse, money transfer and access to cellular devices. Another conversation not only expresses gratitude for the much help Securus has provided his facility but also loyalty as they have been relying on Securus for over a decade. Some of the conversations are also congratulations for Securus’ for their spectacular vision


There are many more of these conversations that demonstrate Securus Technologies group’s help in combating the menace of contrabands and other illegal activities in correctional facilities.