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Colony Capital Partners with Fortress Investment Group On the Verge of Its Downfall

Fortress Investment Group is one of the famous lending private equity firms. The group was founded in the year 1998 purely as a private equity organization in New York. However, as the firm expanded in growth, it started to attract a wide range of investors globally. In this regard, the firm invested in providing more services ranging from lending, strategies in assets management, liquid alternative investment among other significant services. It has been noted that Fortress Investment Group has also laid its focus on real estate management. The firm has partnered with major credit facilities across the world to offer the most preferred financing solutions.

Recently, Fortress Investment Group partnered with Colony Capital in anticipation of venturing into the non-digital land assets and vehicles. In the partnership, it has been established that Fortress will manage a significant amount of money to Colony’s CDCF. In the agreement, it has been noted that Colony will give a share of its Capital including positions related to the portfolio. Fortress will govern over 40 positions covering a significant number of properties across the US particularly New York and Europe. This has been approximated to a value of 535 million dollars that is adjustable subject to custom.

Fortress Investment Group has become a significant entity to Colony even as it accelerates its plans to fully migrate digitally. Initially, Colony has been on the verge of sinking and halting down its operations due to lack of optimization of investments values in New York. However, Fortress came to the rescue by comprehensively buying OED (Other Equity and Debt) that was remaining. The buying of the said portfolio was discontinued after the colony effected its plans to migrate digitally. It has been established that Fortress is aimed at providing a comprehensive solution to resolves Colony OED resources just by a single transaction.

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