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Edgard Corona on Boosting SmartFit during the Pandemic

Edgard Corona, CEO of Bio Ritmo Group, has established SmartFit classes that get digital and clinched 8 million people. During the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, the health sector got affected more strongly than other industries.

SmartFit, which in South America appeared as the most extensive gym chain series and has over two million consumers. The pandemic caused the facilities to temporarily suspend Latin American and Brazilian units, losing over 160 million dollars every month.

As the establisher and president of Bio Ritmo and the networks of SmartFit, he addressed the issue in an interview. He explained reinventing the problem such that they need to EXAME on some of the segments to counter the issues.
When he realized the conditions seemed to get much serious in the time of Carnival, Edgard Corona made him discover what happened in 2008 in Brazil when the unique pandemic struck them.

By March 15, the president had already summoned all crew and advised them to chat the way forward on the pandemic. Some of the units got shut down, and the fees already collected from students got frozen hence no cash flow to balance catering to the staff and 2.7 students.

In such a situation, it became hard for businesses to hold students in the gyms daily, but they discovered an online platform they had established before the pandemic. The project involved using materials and weights available and had some free digital classes that one could engage in to instigate physical operations at home. Edgard Corona advised they enroll it and ensure many can register and join immediately.

The project managed to reach over 8 million n Brazilians, and approximately 800,000 people could depend on it daily in terms of training. In 2020 Edgard Corona established more extensive businesses strategies, which made them develop more.