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Dr. Jeddrey Harris is currently chairperson in Finance at Kogod School business at American University. He ever served in the Securities and Exchange Commission and U.S Commodity Futures Trading Commission as Chief Economist. He came in and reviewed Online Trading Academy to brand new in terms of education and the platforms. Dr. Harris’s passion for financial education that’s why he has contributed to making a life skill. With this, he has enabled the majority who lack education in the larger population can get exposure. Due to limited finance majors, he has enhanced education get invested in an online trading academy.

Dr. Harris emphasizes that online trading materials and courses get all based on sound economic theories. Those courses can also get compared to the university level and courses associated with undergraduate and graduate levels. Students are learning using OTA training materials they get well guided to follow all the techniques and principles hence helping them in trading and investing. It needs to be well known that not all education will give similar results. Education may give either in informational whereas some can be theoretical which may not be experimented and hence can build skills.

For OTA, it carries the day since it tries to offer all since it is analysis, education, and a platform used for trading known as Clik. OTA provides a superior financial technology whereby one can learn and knowing much about risk management. It gets well seen when using Clik, a platform helping the trader plan how to trade well, apply rules, and follow steps to get disciplined to handle risks. By doing this, they gain much confidence in trading and investing. Students, while doing this, can focus much on economics, risk management, and logic behind any trade and be able to know prospective trades and with determined parameters. Learn More.