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Simon Denyer Explains the Cost that Japan is Paying for Holding Olympics During Pandemic

Japan is the recent country that has agreed to host a global event without paying too much attention to the prevalence of the pandemic that has dominated the world. According to one of the leading Washington Post writers, there is no other country in the world that would have agreed to host the Olympics with the obvious danger that such an event would have brought to the country. However, Japan went ahead and enabled millions of people to enjoy the event.

However, as Simon Denyer has consistently indicated, the country has faced some huge costs that it should address in the years to come. It has been a huge sacrifice for the country to hold such a major event without having fans in the stadiums. According to a recent Washington Post, very many people in the country argue that holding the event was not worth it as they had very little or nothing to celebrate. Refer to this article to learn more.

Besides the fact that people in Japan did were not spectators of the event as they had anticipated, it is worth indicating that they are the ones who will be paying the bill. Every other country in the world today that is willing to hold such an event must be prepared to foot the bill. However, in the view of Simon Denyer, there is always a compromise because the citizens will get a chance to enjoy an important event.

However, people in Japan did not get an opportunity to enjoy the event. As such, they were paying such money generally sounds like a huge gamble and a loss that the country should not have undertaken. Simon Denyer indicates that the number of people affected by the pandemic has drastically increased in the country, which continues to inflict some huge punishment to the country that has sacrificed greatly for other countries to enjoy.

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