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The Brilliance of Plain Language Summaries

Who can question the value of scientific and medical articles delivered in plain English? Lindsey Benson’s recent article (linked below*) tells us how Future Science Group is making this possible, inviting writers to prepare these plain language summaries based off of more technical articles. Delivering this content in language a twelve-year-old may even understand, this brilliant publisher has the potential to open up a vast base of knowledge to common people.

Authors interested in writing a plain language summary for publication are instructed to do their necessary research, gain permission from the author of the original article in question, and other practical steps along the way. The plain language summaries are, of course, reviewed by peers to ensure they are readable and accurate. Also pictures and illustrations add a useful visual aid.

When all is ready, these articles are published in online journals and sometimes in print as well. What a wonderful thing this is for medical patients, caregivers, and all curious minds who love knowledge. There are many people who desire a greater understanding of various topics, but lack the time or resources to become educated in nuanced fields and all their technical wordage.

This does not indicate any lack of intelligence, though, and most people are able to grasp an overall understanding of a subject when it is explained in a simple and straightforward way. Future Science Group is a well-respected publisher which provides many valuable services to the community, and they deserve great credit for their stroke of genius in 2020 that started them publishing plain language summaries.

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