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What Makes Alejandro Betancourt Lopez A World Shaker?

One of the most exciting things that business people look for in the industry is disruption. It can take the form of a new product, concept, or a new way of using something already available in the market. In the last 20 years, almost every sector has been disrupted from healthcare, digital bookstore, and mobile phones that perform as mini computers. Then there are sunglasses.

Yes, not everyone realizes that the sunglasses sector has been disrupted in a big way, especially since 2013. The company that has played the most significant role in bringing this change is Hawkers, based in Spain. Four friends initially established the company with a mere $300 buying shades from the United States and selling them online.

Although the sales were good, Hawkers began experiencing financial difficulties in 2015, primarily from increased demand that exceeded the available supply. The founders of the company began fearing that their loyal customers would begin canceling their orders. So, what they did is what any reasonable entrepreneurs would have done in that situation—bringing in the right people to handle operations and demands of the supply chain.

In 2016, Alex, one of the founders, tapped Alejandro Betancourt Lopez to become the company’s leader, which changed things quickly. Today the company is internationally recognized as one of the leading sunglasses manufacturers with branches all over the globe thanks to their CEO Alejandro Betancourt Lopez.

Using his long experience, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez disrupted many aspects in Hawkers. He introduced new products like polarized lenses that are greatly sought by the clients and made the internet the main form of distribution channel. This reason makes the company’s products cost less. Besides, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez appointed a new team led by Nacho Puig to help him develop a strategic plan for the success of the sunglasses company.