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Why Joseph Ashford Works Hard

In 2014, Joseph Ashford would create K4 Global. The company works with media companies, but the company is also involved in businesses that work in the technology sector. Ashford is the CEO of K4 Global and he feels it important for his company to conduct research before committing to a project. While on a project, the research continues to adjust to possible changes in market conditions. Joseph Ashford also created a company culture that helps personnel better understand the expectations of the company. Most personnel are aware that the company would like to exceed clients’ expectations. Personnel should be client-focused because Joseph Ashford makes that client-focus mentality a priority for his company.

Joseph Ashford feels it is important for his staff to provide their opinion and ask questions. It helps with the communication needed for collaboration. Ashford ensures personnel are able to communicate with clients in a manner that is easily understood. The use of active listening by personnel when in communication with clients is believed to achieve the best results. At K4 Global, Ashford encourages personnel to ride bicycles to work and reduce the use of paper by printing on both sides. The company also helps the environment by providing reusable water bottles and more


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Joseph Ashford founded the Butterfly Foundation. The Butterfly Foundation was created to help educate people regarding a disorder that prohibits the creation of protein that supports the skin called epidermolysis bullosa (EB). Ashford states that he works hard to provide his kids things he did not have while growing up. He believed his struggles at an early age helped strengthen his character. He has made several investments in a variety of industries. He trades rare automobiles. Ashford continues to lead his company with strategic marketing especially in the entertainment industry. His expertise in marketing has made him a sought-after figure for providing speeches regarding marketing.

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