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Anette Bronder Reflects on Her Athletic Career’s Influence on Her Business Career

How Anette Bronder’s Career has Influenced her Personal Life

It is speculated that about 95% of decision-makers globally have an athletic background. Anette Bronder, a German telecoms and IT director, is no different. Among the skills that have made up for her excellent leadership are discipline, hard work, and motivation.

Bronder notes that the skills she acquired as a professional handball player in Germany have had a lot of significance in her executive role for 25 years. When she first joined a handball team, Anette Bronder realized that she was not the fastest player but had the ideal height for the game. Since then, she decided to play as a goalkeeper and has participated in over a hundred games across Germany.

Anette Bronder’s resilience and hard work paid off and got her several achievements. Among them are;
• Bronder participated twice in the regional champions league.
• She made it twice on the Wurttemberg selections.
• She got the chance to participate in the Olympic Committee as the chair of Germany’s 1997 Women’s Handball World Championship.

She later felt the need to give back to society, and that is when she became the head of the VfL Club. She became the president of the handball league for ten years, with which she achieved great things for the team. She was able to partner with an automobile manufacturer and a health department in a bid to boost the league.

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In 1997, alongside her handball career, she also got to involve herself with great IT projects and had to train teams that were in different locations. She believes that success is purely a combination of mental and physical effort.

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About Anette Bronder

She hails from Baden-Wurttemberg. Bronder attended the University of Stuttgart and acquired a master’s degree in social sciences and economics. She dreamed of being a journalist but later shifted to becoming a handball player and an IT specialist. She held leadership positions in companies such as Vodafone, and Deutsche Telekom, among others.