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David Parrott´s Leadership in Universities

David Parrott is a higher education expert in leadership, administrative development, and management. He has over 25 years of experience in student conduct and affairs, race relations, crisis management, and consultation on legal issues. University administrator David Parrott has a Doctor of Education degree from Louisville University, and from Western Kentucky University, he has a master’s and bachelor’s degree.


David Parrott has served in various roles in university leadership, such as Vice President, Associate Vice President, Dean of students, and Department Head. The university administrator has taught both graduate and undergraduate for more than 20 years. The universities David Parrott has taught include Texas A&M University, Western Michigan University, UF, and the University of Louisville.


In March 2016, David Parrott was appointed as the new vice president for student affairs at UF. Before joining UF, he worked at Texas A&M and held many roles such as Division of student affairs, vice president for students, and dean of student life. Higher education specialist David Parrott also served at Western Michigan University in student affairs positions.


The University of Florida´s students marched to President Kent Fuchs office, demanding the termination of Wendy’s fast food. David Parrott adds that they had marched to the Fuch’s office to support Florida farmworkers’ fundamental human rights (Doyoubuzz).

In support and empowerment of discriminated communities, the UF announced the selection of Atkins as the Executive Director of Multicultural and diversity affairs. The Executive director was expected to empower students, mobilize and educate students in creating the campus community. The UF was searching for strategic leadership, and David Parrott was capable of effective leadership in student programs and services.