Haroldo Jacobovicz, Technology Expert

Haroldo Jacobovicz Shaping Curitiba

Haroldo Jacobovicz is an investor and entrepreneur based in Curitiba, specializing in the technology industry for more than 30 years. Haroldo is recognized for his philanthropic works in society. In 2021, he made several donations to various organizations, including nursing homes, daycare facilities, animal protection centers, and campaigns to prevent and treat individuals with cancer, among others. Haroldo further aims at establishing an institute named after his name for the progression of his future philanthropic acts. The institute will mainly focus on social issues and develop various projects concerning innovation, technology, and education.

Haroldo Jacobovicz has followed his parents’ ways of life since his childhood. He believes that philanthropy has been a legacy in his lineage, and he needs to leave it to his future generation.

Haroldo’s family is committed and determined to build a long-lasting relationship with organizations they support over the years. Through the institute, he has been able to organize and celebrate special occasions like Mother’s Day and Christmas with people in the region.

Haroldo institute gives donations to organizations in Curitiba and its neighborhood. The organization aims at maintaining over 20 institutions that are beneficiaries. Haroldo Jacobovicz believes in care and charitable acts. His firm offers technology solutions to promote the digital transformation of the community. Harold founded Horizons Telecom, a software firm.

Harold’s goal is to create a healthy work environment for its employees since most people spend a significant amount of time working. Special attention is paid to facilities provided, such as operational efficiency, landscape design, servicing, and repair. Staff members can also take personal vehicles to and from work to avoid exposure to diseases on public transit. Upsides include a “day off” for birthdays, scholarships, and a memorial to deceased loved ones. Haroldo Jacobovicz is a civil engineer focusing on technology that seeks to improve lives, businesses, and state entities. Initiatives that turn ideas into real solutions are his goal.