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Tom Keane: Microsoft Taking Tech To The Next Level With Azure

Azure has helped take technology to a higher level. With it, a developer can rise to become a space developer. The role of Microsoft towards the software development team is worth-noting. The company has thrived and has several helpful tools useful in development like visual studio to Github


Software developer  and egnineer Tom Keane informs that the Microsoft firm provides help to several industries in a variety of areas, including critical industries, the financial sector, healthcare, and space. Microsoft Corporation has much of its focus on space. Software developer Tom Keane explains that they are looking forward to making its developers’ works move swiftly and on the right track. 


This will be achieved by ensuring it puts helpful tools like Azure cloud into place, Tom Keane informs. The tools by Microsoft are meant to ensure that space app development no longer becomes a process. The process of integration and productivity would also be streamlined with the help of Azure services, integral development, analysis, development, and operations. 


Software developer and engineer Tom Keane adds that the software firm is partnering with some top-ranking firms and organizations like Hewlett Packard Enterprise and NASA to ensure everything becomes successful (Azure).

The Artificial Intelligence workload test developed by Microsoft, HPE, and NASA is expected to move to the International Space Station. This tool would be integral in detecting any damages to astronaut tools. As Tom Keane finally adds, Microsoft also came up with a computer vision application using cloud computing. Training of this cloud was done in the cloud before being deployed to HPE Spaceborne Computer-2.